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Irrigation Pump Engine produces ultra-low exhaust emissions.

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Jul 27, 2006 - Designed for extended duty applications, 120 hp, natural gas-fueled Model ENP 8.1 is based on Greenergy(TM) Technology, which supports organic agricultural systems. Technology combines induction system refinements, combustion chamber re-design, optimized air-fuel mixing, exhaust flow control and treatment, and electronic engine controller incorporating software tailored to meet application requirements. Engine produces less then 0.05 g/hp-hr of Nox and less than 0.60 g/bhp-hr of CO.

I POWER Energy Systems, LLC - Anderson, IN

Original Press Release

I Power Introduces New Low-Emissions Irrigation Pump Engine

Press release date: Jun 19, 2006

Proprietary Greenergy(TM) Technology Supports Organic Agricultural Systems

ANDERSON, Ind., June 19 / / -- I Power Energy Systems, LLC, announced today the introduction of a new, 120 Horsepower, natural gas-fueled, industrial engine, designed for extended-duty applications requiring ultra-low exhaust emissions. Highly efficient emissions components and software incorporated into the new engine are based upon the company's Greenergy(TM) Technology, developed for a full range of products from their traditional continuous-duty, on-site, power generators to numerous industrial, agricultural and commercial engine applications.

I Power's Greenergy(TM) Technology is based on a systems engineering approach that combines induction system refinements, combustion chamber re- design, optimized air-fuel mixing, exhaust flow control and treatment and a power electronic engine controller incorporating a proprietary software tailored to meet specific application requirements.

I Power's current line of electric generation units consistently demonstrates low emissions, compliant with the strictest air pollution control districts requirements. The engines produce less then 0.05g/hp-hr of Nox and less than 0.60g/bhp-hr of CO. "This improvement alone provides for a 300% cleaner engine than engines being permitted for use in California today, removing several tons of Nox emissions annually per engine. That reduction is equivalent to the emissions produced by more than 12 of today's passenger cars," noted I Power President Terry Pahls.

Director of Business Development for I Power, John F. Welch, Jr., stated, "This package is a good fit for multiple applications, especially agricultural irrigation pumps and mechanical chillers. We have an ongoing commitment to low-emissions technology and are today meeting the strictest California emissions guidelines on our test stands. Our new ENP 8.1 well pump is a perfect example of an I Power product meeting the market's need for low emissions and highly efficient power."

I Power Energy Systems, LLC, designs and manufactures full-time, on-site power generation systems that can utilize multi-fuel energy sources to produce efficient electricity in tandem with or independent of the utility grid systems. When combined with an innovative exhaust heat recovery system and proprietary controller technologies, the I Power distributed power units offer maximum efficiencies and attractive energy alternatives for consumer markets.

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