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Iris Identity Authenticator supports enterprise, consumer use.

Press Release Summary:

Leveraging dual eye authentication, myris™ converts individual's iris characteristics into encrypted code unique to that person and then matches code to eyes to grant access to devices and digital platforms. Solution identifies 240+ points of unique characteristics in each human iris, and confirmation takes <1 sec. Fully powered via USB connection, device offers on-device authentication, secure communication and military grade encryption with AES 256, and 1 in 2.25 trillion False Accept Rate.

Original Press Release:

EyeLock Ushers in Next Era of Digital Security with myris(TM), First Iris Identity Authenticator for Enterprise and Consumer Use

Category Defining USB-Enabled Iris Identity Authenticator Virtually Eliminates the Need for Usernames or Passwords

LAS VEGAS -- EyeLock Inc., a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, today launched myris(TM), a USB-enabled iris identity authenticator providing the most convenient and secure way to authenticate your digital identity.

The consumerization of iris-based identity authentication is upon us, as more people seek stronger security alternatives in place of usernames and passwords. While iris authentication has been available to corporations and enterprises for years, no platform has been user-friendly or cost-effective enough for individuals to use in everyday situations.

EyeLock's patented iris authentication technology has provided physical access solutions to some of the world's largest, most iconic corporations for several years. EyeLock employs a unique iris authentication process that leverages dual eye authentication. This process identifies more than 240 points of unique characteristics in each human iris, ensuring identity confirmation is accurate. Combined with the utilization of video technology, EyeLock provides unprecedented security for the most important, business critical information around the globe.

myris initiates EyeLock's foray into identity authentication for enterprise and mass market use across the digital spectrum.  With myris, EyeLock has distilled its proven technology platform into a palm-sized form factor to provide secure access to digital accounts. myris is the first simple-to-use technology that converts an individual's iris characteristics to an encrypted code unique to only that person, then matches the code to their eyes to grant access to the devices and digital platforms they rely on the most - all in less than one second. No lasers, no invasion of privacy, just quick, effortless access to the accounts that matter most.

"Usernames and passwords will soon be a thing of the past, and EyeLock's introduction of myris brings us one step closer," explained Anthony Antolino, Chief Marketing Officer of EyeLock.  "People are required to remember dozens of passwords in an effort to secure their data, while organizations and individuals are in a constant struggle to keep their digital, social and financial transactions safe from compromise, breach and theft.  Until service providers take the step to eliminate usernames and passwords, myris enables users to set passwords as complex as they'd like and forget them once linked to the device."

No other product delivers convenience and the highest degree of security in one solution. Unlike other iris authentication solutions, myris is simple to use--just hold up the device, look in the mirror and myris will identify one in one second. Leveraging EyeLock's proven platform technology, myris authenticates on the device itself, ensuring the maximum in secure digital access. With myris, consumers and enterprise organizations now have easy, instant and secure login to their digital access points.

myris is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS and Chrome OS and can be used to grant access to digital networks such as online bank accounts, social media, Internet VPNs, email and more. Robust and reliable enough to secure workstations, high value transactions, critical databases and information systems for enterprise and small business.

As with all EyeLock identity authentication solutions, myris comes equipped with EyeLock's patented enrollment and iris-matching software. In addition enterprise customers can upgrade their security solutions by utilizing EyeLock's robust SDK to integrate seamlessly with digital platform environments. Whether in the workplace, at home or on the road, users will have peace of mind knowing access to their digital worlds will no longer be compromised.

Key features and benefits of myris include:

--  Simple set-up and user-friendly application software allow users to securely and easily manage all passwords and accounts

--  Authentication happens on the device - no personal information is transmitted

--  1 in 2.25 trillion False Accept Rate ensures only the authorized user can access accounts

--  Video-based system for advanced identification

--  No batteries needed - fully powered through the USB connection

--  myris offers consumers multiple user capacity for individually protected accounts - up to five per device

--  Secure communication and military grade encryption with AES 256

--  Compatible with Windows 7 & 8, Mac OS and Chrome OS

myris is made available exclusively by Voxx Electronics. For more information please visit or

About EyeLock

EyeLock is a global leader in iris-based identity authentication technology solutions. The company is changing the way identities and information is protected from theft and financial fraud. Established in 2006, EyeLock has built an extensive IP portfolio and broad suite of physical access control hardware and logical access control solutions. The company's software development kit (SDK) for embedding across OEM products and platforms extends EyeLock's move deeper into logical applications by integrating the technology across consumer and enterprise devices and digital networks. Its solutions help meet critical needs across vertical industries spanning enterprise, education, financial services, public sector and retail, among others. As a sponsor member of the Fast IDentity Online Alliance (FIDO), a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safer and more secure digital presence for consumers, EyeLock is dedicated to providing digital privacy and next generation security.


Stephen Bosk

Weber Shandwick for EyeLock


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