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IR Vision Sensors are less prone to environmental influence.

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IR Vision Sensors are less prone to environmental influence.

Jun 04, 2014 - Datalogic DataVS2 IR models have embedded LED illuminator with IR emission and ambient light filter that can cut off most light coming from surroundings. These features reduce influence of environmental factors, promoting sensor reliability when dealing with extended operating distances and Fields Of View. Also included, 1.5 software release adds such functionalities to GUI configuration software as QR-Code reading, Chinese language support, sensor setting backup, and inspection downloads.

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Multipix Announce New IR Vision Sensors

Press release date: May 27, 2014

Multipix announce two major enhancements in the Datalogic DataVS2 Vision Sensor product family, to now include DataVS2 Infrared (IR) models and 1.5 Software Release.

DataVS2 IR models feature an embedded powerful LED illuminator with Infrared emission and an ambient light filter able to cut off most of the light coming from the surroundings. These two characteristics allow DataVS2 IR to reduce the influence of environmental factors that are usually very hard to predict and compensate thus improving the sensor reliability when dealing with big operating distances and Fields Of View.

The 1.5 release introduces several important new functionalities to the award-winning DataVS2 GUI configuration software such as QR-Code reading, Chinese language, sensor setting backup and simplified inspection downloading.

Thanks to the latest hardware and software enhancements, DataVS2 is now able to deliver unrivalled flexibility and power to solve even the most challenging high-end vision sensor applications.

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