IQS266 2x3 Miniature Trackpad comes in QFN (3x3)-16 packages.

Press Release Summary:

IQS266 2x3 Miniature Trackpad is suitable for wearables and fitness trackers, remote and navigation control, IoT devices, office equipment and printer applications. Unit features supply voltage of 1.8 V to 3.3 V, I2C interface, integrated UI options such as proximity, touch and gestures. Product consumes current less than 300 uA at full power and offers fast wake-up and auto low-power options. IQS266 is integrated with self-capacitive proximity wake-up channel and provides adjustable swipe length and timings.

Original Press Release:

Azoteq Announces the IQS266, a Miniature Trackpad Designed for Single-Layer ITO Applications

The IQS266 is a 2x3 projected capacitive trackpad designed for low-power mobile applications and implementation on single layer ITO.

Azoteq, a pioneer in sensor fusion, today announced the release to market of the IQS266. The IQS266 is a 2x3 projected capacitive trackpad designed for low-power mobile applications.

This trackpad is specifically designed to be implemented on a single-sided ITO touch screen for wearables. A self-capacitive channel is used for wake-up, which keeps the power consumption at a low power of less than 3 uA. Other features include automatic tuning for sense electrodes, internal reference capacitor and internal regulator to reduce total system cost.

“With the IQS266 specifically designed for single-sided ITO touch screens, the system cost can be halved compared to normal ITO solutions,” said Jean Viljoen, VP of Marketing. “Combined with the extremely low power consumption, this becomes the perfect solution for wearables and fitness trackers.”


  • Capacitive sensing:
  • Parasitic capacitive load cancelation
  • Fully adjustable sensing options
  • Self-capacitive proximity wake-up channel (CH0)
  • 2x3 Projected-capacitive trackpad (CH1-6)
  • Fast wake-up and auto low-power options for minimal power consumption
  • Current consumption < 300 uA at full power (10 ms response time)
  • < 3 uA at low power with touch wake-up
  • Multiple integrated UI options:
  • Proximity, touch and gestures
  • Gesture recognition: Swipes: Up, Down, Left, Right (segmented indication for left and right swipes)
  • Adjustable swipe length and timings
  • Taps: Single tap with segment indication
  • Adjustable tap size and timing
  • Fast I2C interface
  • RDY indication for event-mode operation.
  • Event or streaming mode Supply voltage: 1.8 V to 3.3 V
  • QFN(3x3)-16 package


  • Wearables and fitness trackers
  • Remote controls
  • Navigational controls
  • IoT devices with small user interfaces
  • White goods and appliances
  • Office equipment and printers
  • Toys

IQS266 samples and evaluation kits are available from Mouser and Digi-Key now.

Sample code for Arduino Uno is available on Azoteq’s website.

About Azoteq

Azoteq ( is a pioneer in sensor fusion. With more than 12 years of capacitive-sensing experience, the sensor offering is now expanded to include multi-sensor technologies on single ICs. The first generation of ProxFusion® offers capacitive, Hall-effect, IR, PIR, inductive and ambient-light sensing. Azoteq has design and manufacturing centers in South Africa and China, and sales offices and distributors in South Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA.

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