IPSec VPN Client supports all Microsoft operating systems.

Press Release Summary:

Compatible with most VPN gateways, 64-bit Secure Entry Client enables integrated configurations and security measures that are independent of operating system. Two-factor authentication calculates one-time password, without mobile radio connection, that user enters in login mask of application. In addition, user authentication with up to 4,096 bit key lengths on server and client side optimizes security levels when confronted with hacker attacks.

Original Press Release:

The First VPN Client for Microsoft Windows XP 64 Bit is Available

NUREMBERG, Germany, February 14/ --NCP Engineering GmbH releases the new version of its Secure Entry Client. NCP is thereby the first manufacturer worldwide to offer an IPSec VPN client for Windows XP in its 64 bit version. Additional important features are the 2-factor authentication solution OTP Mobile; besides that the client supports certificates with 4096 bit key lengths.

The NCP VPN Client thereby supports all current Microsoft operating systems: Windows Vista and Windows XP for 32/64 Bit, Windows 2000 as well as Windows Mobile and CE. Consequently, integrated configurations and security measures can be built in that are independent of the operating system. With the NCP Secure Client, it's all about a universal security and communications software for implementation in any desired remote access VPN environment. The software is compatible with VPN gateways from all well known vendors. They are implemented anyplace where gateway manufacturers offer no corresponding client for certain operating systems and customers need easy to use, universally applicable VPN clients.

OTP Mobile by T-Systems and T-Mobile uses the existing mobile phone for 2-factor authentication. It calculates at the press of a button - completely without mobile radio connection - a one-time password, that the user enters in the login mask of the application. Moreover, user authentication with up to 4096 bit key lengths on the server and client side increase security levels when confronted with hacker attacks.

You want to see the NCP solutions live? Go to the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Booth 1332, 7 - 11 April, to the Information Security Europe in London, Booth H201, 22 - 24 April or to CeBIT Australia.

Further information
The NCP Secure Entry Client V. 9.03 offers extensive security functions:
IPsec encryption with AES or 3DES, IPCOMP data compression, extended authentication (Xauth, EAP), support for digital certificates and hardware tokens, an integrated Stateful Inspection firewall with situation-dependent firewall rules, and "Friendly Net Detection" for automatic detection of secure and non-secure networks. In addition, the Client has an intelligent automated WLAN mechanism that activates the appropriate profile for the currently present WLAN in background, for instance at a hotspot.

Availability and sources
A 30-day trial version of the Client offering unrestricted use is available on the Internet at: http://ncp.de/index.php?id=187&L=1.

The software is available via the NCP e-store and from NCP sales partners.

Secure Entry Client press release is available at http://ncp.de/en/news-press-events/press-releases/select/presseinformationen-2008.html

Screenshot of the Secure Entry Client is available at http://www.ncp.de/fileadmin/bilder/presse/bildarchiv/NCP_SecEntryCl_Statistic_eng.jpg

Secure Entry Client data sheet is available at

More about NCP: www.ncp-e.com

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