iPOS2401 Servo Drive weighs 12 g.

Press Release Summary:

iPOS2401 Servo Drive measures 19 x 50 x 10 mm dimensions. Unit features plug-in design and is suitable for single or multi-axes applications. Product suports CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT) protocol and is available in EtherCAT and CANopen versions. Drive comes with embedded motion controller and is ideal for medical, robotics, instrumentation or automation project applications.

Original Press Release:

TECHNOSOFT Presents the iPOS2401 MX-CAT

World smallest EtherCAT drive!

High-end positioning applications where space is critical find now an optimal solution in the incredibly small iPOS2401 servo drive from Technosoft, with an EtherCAT interface.

Small and light, 19 x 50 x 10 mm, and weighing only 12 g, the iPOS2401 MX-CAT drive can be used in high precision positioning applications with any motor technology (brushless, stepper, DC/voice coil or linear) that requires no more than 1 A continuous at 24 V.

Users can achieve an optimal mechanical integration, due to the plug-in design of the iPOS2401 that offers full flexibility in terms of motherboard design and connectors choice, for either single or multi-axes applications.

A miniaturized drive, yet with no compromise in performance, the iPOS2401 MX-CAT sup-ports full CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT) protocol, which makes it the ideal solution to medical, robotics, instrumentation or automation projects where a high-end Swiss product can make the difference in terms of quality and performance of the application.

A liter, CAN version is also available, embedding a motion controller that can execute complex motion sequences programmed in TML (Technosoft Motion Language), stored at drive level and called by specific CANopen commands to reduce the bus traffic in multi-axis applications.

In both EtherCAT and CANopen versions, the iPOS2401 completes the extended Technosoft offer (from 25 W to 1.6 kW) in terms of intelligent drives with embedded motion controller for high-end positioning applications.

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