IPG Strips measure wide range of pH.

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Micro-Range ReadyStrip immobilized pH gradient strips span total range of pH 3.9-8.3 using four gels. Gradient overlap of 30% between strips provides enough overlap for gel matching while avoiding excessive redundancy. Individual ranges are pH 3.9-5.1, 4.7-5.9, 5.5-6.7, and 6.3-8.3. Strips are clearly and permanently labeled to mark anode and pH range. Each strip is available in lengths of 7, 11, 17, and 18 cm.

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New Bio-Rad Micro-Range ReadyStrip(TM) IPG Strips Deliver Higher Resolution Over Broader pH Range with Just Four Gels

HERCULES, CA, July 26, 2002 - Bio-Rad laboratories has developed an innovative line of Micro-Range ReadyStrip IPG (immobilized pH gradient) strips which delivers higher resolution over a broader pH range in the first dimension of 2-D electrophoresis.

The new Micro-Range ReadyStrips span a total range of pH 3.9-8.3 using just four gels, enabling researchers to zoom in on an area of interest or fine map a proteome. This includes the important pH 6-8 range in which a significant portion of the proteome is found.

Micro-Range ReadyStrips also reduce the amount of redundant data generated and processed, thanks to an innovative gradient overlap of 30% between strips. There is enough overlap for easy gel matching while avoiding the excessive redundancy of competitive strips, some of which repeat 100% of the data on overlapping gels. This saves a significant amount of researchers' time and other resources.

"We're continually asking customers what they'd like to see in protein electrophoresis products, and the Micro-Range ReadyStrip IPG line is a direct result of this input, "observes Richelle Serrano, Senior Product Manager, Bio-Rad BioMaterials Division. "This is the first of a series of new, productive ReadyStrip products we'll be introducing in coming months."

Individual ranges of the Micro-Range ReadyStrips are: pH 3.9-5.1, pH 4.7-5.9, pH 5.5-6.7 and pH 6.3-8.3. Each strip is available in lengths of 7 cm, 11 cm, 17 cm and 18 cm, meaning users can use high-resolution strips with any gel format. Micro-Range ReadyStrips are an excellent match with Bio-Rad Criterion(TM) gels. This flexibility means customers can work out sample prep methods in Criterion before committing to larger format gels.

Like all Bio-Rad ReadyStrips, MicroRange IPG strips are clearly and permanently labeled to mark the anode and the pH range. This is for convenience and also to eliminate mix-ups. Bio-Rad also offers new ReadyStrip buffers optimized for each pH range.

For more information call 800-424-6723 (800-4BIO-RAD) or visit us on the web at discover.bio-rad.com

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