IPG Photonics Announces First Ten Kilowatt Fiber Laser Delivered in Canada

Canada's Most Powerful Fiber Laser to be Dedicated to Applied Research & Development

OXFORD, MA, June 4, 2009 -- IPG Photonics Corporation, the world leader in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, announced today the delivery of the first ten kilowatt fiber laser in the Canadian market to The Centre specialise de technologie physique du Quebec inc. (CSTPQ). This laser, the most powerful of its kind in Canada, will be dedicated to applied research, development and technology transfer towards manufacturing companies.

"IPG Photonics is pleased with CSTPQ's decision and appreciates the increasing acceptance and growth of our products among technical and research institutes, colleges and universities. IPG's industrial single-mode and multi-mode lasers enable research institutes to push beyond the boundaries of current laser materials processing regimes. CSTPQ and other customers demand a high level of criteria for beam quality, power density, flexibility, durability, with no-nonsense "on-demand" performance and reliability" said Bill Shiner, Vice President of Industrial Markets. "IPG was able to deliver a cutting edge power source for CSTPQ's continued and future R&D needs from its standard product line demonstrates that we are able to deliver the best value in a world class laser power source for their investment."

"IPG industrial fiber lasers have a reputation for providing high power, reliability, efficiency and ruggedness in a compact package at a low cost," commented Randy Paura, Canadian Regional Manager & Processing Consultant. "While scaled up in power, IPG's high power (to 50kW) industrial laser power sources provide the same simplicity of operation, providing high reliability of performance with their high lifespan diode pumps. IPG's success is based on what starts in the fiber, stays in the fiber until delivered to the focus optics for materials processing. IPG's fiber laser is the true industrial and research power source which has it all, Simplicity = Efficiency = Quality = Reliability = Affordability."

About IPG Photonics Corporation

IPG Photonics Corporation is the world leader in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers. Founded in 1990, IPG pioneered the development and commercialization of optical fiber-based lasers for use in a wide range of applications such as materials processing, advanced applications, telecommunications, and medical applications. Fiber lasers have revolutionized the industry by delivering superior performance, reliability and usability at a lower total cost of ownership compared with conventional lasers, allowing end users to increase productivity and decrease operating costs. IPG has its headquarters in Oxford, Massachusetts, and has additional plants and offices throughout the world. For more information, please visit www.ipgphotonics.com.


Bill Shiner

Vice President-Industrial Markets

IPG Photonics Corporation

(508) 373-1100


Randolph Paura, P.Eng.

Canadian Regional Manager & Processing Consultant

IPG Photonics Corporation

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