IP PTZ Security Camera has autonomous tracking capabilities.

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Intelligent video camera, ioicam xptz100dn, detects and captures continuous image of intruders, vehicles, and other threats. Designed for 24/7, all-weather, day/night operation, network-independent indoor/outdoor camera features built-in analytics that deliver security automation over wide areas. It is based on intelligent, video-edge-device architecture and does not require hardware modification or centralized, software-based detection processing.

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ioimage Releases All-in-One Intelligent IP PTZ Video Security Camera With Autonomous Tracking

Autonomous Pan, Tilt and Zoom IP Camera With Built-in Video Analytics Detects and Tracks Threats Automatically

HERZLIYA, Israel, March 21 -- ioimage, the pioneer of intelligent video appliances designed for simplicity, announced today the release of the ioicam xptz100dn, an IP pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera with autonomous tracking capabilities. Joining ioimage's line of ioicam intelligent video cameras, the xptz100dn is an all-weather, day/night camera with built-in analytics that delivers cost-effective security automation over wide areas. With its ability to automatically detect and track intruders, vehicles and other threats, the field-proven xptz100dn enhances safety and security for government, public and commercial organizations.

The indoor/outdoor camera addresses diverse security functions including remote or unmanned wide-area surveillance and deterrence beyond property borders. Featuring self-driven, vision-guided, PTZ-based autonomous tracking to ensure a continuous image of the target, the xptz100dn also enables step-and-stare detection over presets - detecting and looking at one predefined area before jumping to another. As a result, the xptz100dn delivers cost-effective 24/7 monitoring of perimeters, compounds, industrial facilities, construction sites, and other large areas typically secured by patrols, sensors or other expensive solutions.

Part of ioimage's expanding line of intelligent video appliances designed and packaged for simplicity, the xptz100dn is suitable for a wide range of users facing the most demanding conditions and challenges. Based on intelligent, video-edge-device architecture, the all-in-one camera does not require hardware modification or centralized, software-based detection processing like alternative software solutions, and reduces cabling and installation needs. Up and running just minutes after easy installation, the xptz100dn offers immediate selected detection, is network-independent, and utilizes bandwidth - for sending video images to the operator - only upon alert. Simply configurable via a Web browser, the user-friendly camera is also ideal for securing remote and unattended locations, since all maintenance and adjustments can be conducted off-site.

Embedded with analytics time-tested by the Israel Defense Forces under harsh environmental and security conditions, the camera provides a high probability of detection (PoD) with a low false alarm rate, like ioimage's entire line of intelligent video appliances. With its automated 18x/26x optical zoom, the camera generates a magnified image that can be used for verification and identification. The xptz100dn also maintains automated camera hand-off, whereby a suspect is picked up on one camera and then passed over to another after leaving the original camera's range.

"Designed for simplicity, the xptz100dn eliminates the traditionally high expenses of security automation and tracking, making it a cost-effective solution for today's most demanding safety challenges," said Roni Kass, CEO of ioimage. "The release of this highly innovative IP PTZ camera is another step in ioimage's continued efforts to provide intelligent video appliances that meet the diverse security needs of public and private organizations throughout the world."

The ioicam xptz100dn will be launched at ISC West. ioimage will be presenting its intelligent video offerings at Booth #2139 at ISC West on March 28-30, 2007, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

About ioimage

ioimage, the pioneer of intelligent video appliances, provides high-performance video encoders and cameras with built-in analytics, designed and packaged for simplicity. ioimage offers a new approach to video security by transforming surveillance into a proactive, event-driven process. Founded in 2000, ioimage uses networked, DSP-based devices for real-time detection, alert and tracking of intruders, vehicles and other threats, leading to enhanced safety and security for government, public and commercial organizations. For further information, visit www.ioimage.com.

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