IP Business Phone features VPN direct access capabilities.

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Designed for large enterprise settings and remote branch offices, snom 370 acts as VPN client enabling encrypted tunnels for all voice traffic between snom phones and company IP PBX. It allows users to customize display by depicting graphics and high resolution pictures to show status of contacts. Phone supports several audio devices simultaneously such as handset, headset, and loudspeaker. Multicast paging mode makes unit suitable for large-scale public announcements.

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snom Releases Phone Featuring VPN Security

snom 370 features unrivalled security through VPN direct access capabilities

BERLIN, GERMANY- July 10, 2007 - snom technology AG, developer and manufacturer of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephones, today announced the availability of its recently launched IP business phone, the snom 370. Now shipping through authorized distributors, the snom 370 IP phone features advanced VPN security measures that provide complete voice traffic protection.

The snom 370 increases VoIP security by acting as a VPN client - enabling encrypted tunnels for all voice traffic between the snom phones and the company IP PBX. The new VPN feature also eliminates all Network Address Translation (NAT)-traversal issues often experienced with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). For example, with the snom 370 functioning as a VPN, remote devices are easily integrated into an office network without the need of a NAT traversal solution. This enhancement is particularly valuable for security-sensitive installations, such as those involving public safety, as it is now possible to have all snom 370 phones on the LAN use VPN technology.

"Most PBXs do not support application layer security functions like SRTP, TLS or SIPS, included in most VoIP phones. Our new VPN capability ensures that all voice traffic is encrypted and protected, regardless of a company's PBX limitations," said Michael Knieling, CFO and executive vice president of marketing and sales for snom. "Most IT professionals are more familiar with VPN infrastructure, making it easier for them to configure and deploy the 370 on their networks. We're finding our customers are thrilled to be able to leverage existing VPN infrastructure and technical know-how."

In addition to larger enterprise settings, the snom 370 is also an ideal solution for remote branch offices, small offices and home offices. Providing users with the flexibility and features needed to maximize productivity and efficiency in a business environment, the 370 also features a larger display with built-in greyscales, and an expanded memory for increased application support such as presence indication and presence displays of other users.

The snom 370 allows users to customize the display by depicting graphics and high resolution pictures to show the status of contacts. The snom 370 can support several audio devices simultaneously, such as the handset, headset and loudspeaker. The multicast paging mode makes it possible to use the phone for large-scale public announcements. This is in addition to providing the ability to broadcast text messages to all snom phones in an installation. With its broadcast capabilities, snom phones can now be part of security solutions fit for public emergency situations.

The MSRP of the snom 370 is $299 USD and is currently available for purchase. snom phones support standards-based SIP VoIP protocols and many widely used Voice over Internet IP PBX features and functions. All snom phones are compatible with SIP-based telephone systems and system components, including open source platforms as well as proprietary solutions - providing business telephones for all types of businesses, from SMBs to large-enterprise and hosted environments. Product images are available for download at the following link: http://snom.com/press_download.html

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snom technology AG develops and manufactures Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephones and related equipment based on the IETF open standard, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Recognized for its high quality, customizable and cost-effective business solutions, snom is also differentiated by the company's 10-year history in the VoIP industry, and its dedication to high security standards. All of snom's software exists in the firmware on the phones - making it easier for users to download updates and new features. snom customers benefit from the interoperability and flexibility that the snom telephones offer, including plug and play integration and universal compatibility with any SIP-based telephony platform. Additional information on snom can be found at www.snom.com.

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