IOWA State University Selects Imago's LEAP 3000X SI Atom Probe as Centerpiece of New Laboratory

MADISON, WI - Imago Scientific Instruments®, the world leader in LEAP® atom probe microscopy, announced today the sale of its LEAP 3000X Si(TM) microscope to Iowa State University's College of Engineering. The LEAP will be the centerpiece of the new W. M. Keck Laboratory for High Throughput Atom-Scale Analysis, which will be the primary research center of Iowa State's Institute for Combinatorial Discovery (ICD).

LEAP tomography provides elemental determination with the highest spatial resolution of any microscopic technique. It provides materials scientists with 3D images of their specimens with angstrom-scale resolution, with each element in the sample identified uniquely and measured quantitatively. Key applications for LEAP tomography include semiconductor, magnetic data storage, metallurgical and advanced materials analysis. Data obtained by the LEAP microscope can determine how a material's atomic structure affects its mechanical and electrical properties. Iowa State's research into combinatorial analysis of organic and biological materials represents a breakthrough into an important new field of research for LEAP technology.

"Several criteria were critical in our selection of the 3000X Si system, including its large field of view, rapid sampling rate, and angstrom-scale precision," said Dr. Andrew Hillier of ISU. "Plus, the MicroTip(TM) sampling arrays help enormously with specimen preparation and our high sample throughput requirements."

"The capabilities of [Imago's LEAP] atom probe microscope will lead to advancements in areas central to energy, healthcare, transportation, and food safety and security, as well as anti-terrorism," says Mark J. Kushner, dean of the College of Engineering. "With the help of this instrument, we look forward to Iowa State becoming a national resource in informatics-based materials research."

The LEAP microscope was acquired through a grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation of Los Angeles, California, with additional support provided by the university. The new LEAP system will be installed later this fall.

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