Ionfarms Co., Ltd. Receives Highly Favorable Reviews as a Water Ionizer at the China Sourcing Fair

Ionfarms Co., Ltd. (CEO Shin-Taek Oh, participated in the "2010 China Sourcing Fair" which took place in Shanghai, China for a period of 3 days from the last 13th to the 15th.

Seoul, South Korea September 15, 2010 - At this exposition, Ionfarms presented two types of products, including the water ionizer, a health care item, and AnyWater, a portable water ionizer. Buyers or visitors interested in the products engaged in a ceaseless series of consultations which took place at the company booth.

Particularly notable was that water supply and drainage facilities were installed in the exhibition space so that visitors could directly experience the water ionizer and the portable water ionizer known as AnyWater. Also, opportunities were offered for learning the principle behind the functioning of the water ionizer and for experiencing the benefits of alkaline water in person.

In addition to Chinese buyers, there were an especially large number of consultations with overseas buyers from Hong Kong, Australia, Saudi Arabia, etc. In response to the requests placed by many buyers, DVDs, catalogs, and calendars relating to the water ionizer were distributed as well.

The water ionizer is a device that generates alkaline water (at levels 1, 2 or 3) and acidic water (at levels 1, 2 or at turbo level). In addition to creating alkaline water which is healthful for the human body, it also generates acidic water which is effective as water sterilizer and for water disinfection, and thus serves as useful functions in ordinary households and in public buildings as well. In comparison with other water ionizers which have been offered for sale on the market in the past, this product boasts accurate PH levels and has been awarded for its outstanding design, and moreover also takes a position of superiority in the competition in pricing against products from other companies.

The mineral filter of AnyWater, a portable water ionizer, utilizes natural mineral substances such as bio mineral sand, active coral sand, etc. as well as special six-pole magnets. It secures freshness and great taste for water by means of its outstanding purification function using a natural filtration method which applies the natural principles of stratigraphy. This product supplies mild alkaline mineral water required by the body, by creating around 40 types of mineral ions beneficial to the human body such as calcium, magnesium, etc.

Any Water is a mini bio mineral port with convenient portability and outstanding purification and disinfection effects, providing users with healthful water regardless of time and place.

Buyers from foreign countries also expressed intense interest in various items for daily use and health care such as the Bio washball which were introduced through the company's pamphlet.

A person affiliated with Ionfarms stated that "Currently, the company ranks in the top 3 for sales of the water ionizer and AnyWater in the United States, and brisk sales are being made in regions such as Europe as well. We are devoting efforts to gain entry into the new markets of Asia."

"Henceforth, the company will continue to further develop the water ionizer and Anywater and to present a wide variety of products required for practical everyday use."

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