Inventory Control Software boosts productivity via zone control.

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FastPic5 delivers zone handling feature that lets users define zones within warehouse or storage unit and then assign specific inventory to those defined zones. This differs from dedicated storage, by which specific parts are assigned to specific locations, in offering random storage within dedicated zones. Zones can also be established within storage unit to increase productivity, ergonomics, as well as kitting and subassembly operation efficiency.

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Zone Handling Provides Inventory Control, Improved Productivity and Ergonomics in Operations

The zone handling feature of FastPic5 inventory management and control software from FastPic Systems offers inventory control, improved productivity and ergonomics in storage and retrieval operations. The zone handling feature allows users to define zones within a warehouse or storage unit and then assign specific inventory to the defined zones.

Zone handling is different than dedicated storage. With dedicated storage a specific part is assigned to a specific location. While this maximizes control, it decreases storage density. Zone handling offers the best of both worlds offering random storage within dedicated zones.

Identifying zones within a warehouse such as a receiving zone, bulk zone, picking zone and shipping zone allows the user to then assign specific products or product types to a specific zone. For instance if slow moving parts should always be assigned to the outdoor storage zone the software can be configured to always store specific part numbers to the outdoor storage zone. This allows the user more control over where the inventory is stored.

Further, zones can be established with in a storage unit to increase productivity. For high throughput picking applications a horizontal carousel can be split into multiple zones: top, middle and bottom. The software can then be configured to assign all faster moving parts to the middle zone allowing the operator to be more efficient in their picking operations.

Assigning zones within a storage device can also improve ergonomics. A zone can be identified for heavy parts, always storing them at an ergonomic height in a specific device for easy retrieval.

Zone handling also allows for kitting and subassembly operations where the same combination of multiple parts are often picked together. For instance, using zone handling all parts belonging to the same product family or the same kit in a specific zone of the storage unit.

FastPic Systems, a company of the Kardex AG of Zurich, Switzerland Group, is a leading developer of software for automated storage and retrieval system operation. The KRI Group is a manufacturer and integrator of a broad range of AS/RS technologies including vertical lift modules (VLMs), vertical and horizontal carousels. For more information about FastPic5 software zone handling capabilities, call 207-854-8663 or visit the FastPic Systems web site at

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