Inventory Control Software aids in order picking efficiency.

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FastPic IC employs Pick-to-Light interface that enables users in warehousing industries to create universal work zone that integrates automated and manual storage and retrieval devices for optimal order picking. Pick-to-Light technology consists of multi-color alphanumeric displays that indicate location of stored items. After computer sends storage system electronic pick list, Pick-to-Light modules are activated, visually displaying where items are stored.

Original Press Release:

FastPic IC Software Pick-to-Light Interface Improves Warehousing Order Picking Productivity and Accuracy

The Pick-to-Light interface of FastPic IC inventory control software from FastPic Systems lets users in warehousing industries create a universal work zone that integrates automated and manual storage and retrieval devices for improved order picking throughput and accuracy.

In some operations, order picking productivity and throughput can improve 200 to 250 percent and picking accuracy up to 99.9 percent.

Pick-to-Light technology consists of a series of multi-color alphanumeric displays that can be mounted on light towers, horizontal carousels, flow racks, static shelving, and other storage systems to indicate the location of stored items. A computer sends the storage system an electronic pick list that activates Pick-to-Light modules, visually indicating where items are stored in manual devices. With Pick-to-Light modules and FastPic IC software, order picking operations can be streamlined by allowing orders stored in both automated and manual devices to be retrieved simultaneously for increased throughput.

FastPic IC software includes installation and device configuration wizards that make it easy to add equipment when required by changing business conditions.

FastPic Systems, a company of the Kardex AG of Zurich, Switzerland Group, is a leading developer of software for automated storage and retrieval system operation. This group is a manufacturer and integrator of a broad range of AS/RS technologies including vertical lift modules (VLMs), vertical and horizontal carousels. For more information on FastPic Systems software, call 207-854-8663 or visit the FastPic Systems web site at

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