Invensys to Implement Integrated Turbine Compressor Control and Emergency Shutdown Systems at Largest Ammonia Plant in Egypt

Egypt Basic Industries Corporation (EBIC) grass-roots plant to use solutions based on Triconex triple modular redundant technology

FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS, USA - August 31, 2006 - Invensys Process Systems will implement five Tricon triple modular redundant (TMR) systems for integrated turbine compressor control (ITCC) and emergency shutdown (ESD) at a new plant being built for Egypt Basic Industries Corporation (EBIC). The anhydrous ammonia plant, at Ain Sokhna in Egypt's Suez Industrial Zone, will produce a planned 2,000 metric tons per day and will be the largest ammonia plant in Egypt. The complex will include a pipeline connecting the plant to storage tanks and a dock area at Sokhna Port. The plant is being designed, built and operated by Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR).

Three Triconex TS3000 TMR ( systems will be deployed for air compressor, feed gas compressor, SynGas compressor and ammonia refrigeration compressor controls. System functions include governor, surge control, equipment protection, vibration monitoring, and control and monitoring of auxiliary equipment such as lubrication systems. The Invensys ITCC implementation will include Bentley Nevada vibration monitoring equipment, Wonderware ( InTouch human machine interface (HMI) software, and a range of Invensys professional services, including application programming, testing, training and site support for installation and start-up.

For emergency shutdown, two Tricon TMR systems will be deployed to protect the entire main plant area, as well as the dock area at Sokhna Port. Invensys will also supply InTouch HMI software, system testing, training and site support for installation and start-up for the ESD systems.

The five TMR systems will connect with more than 1,100 I/O points around the complex. By employing the Triconex TMR platform throughout the entire implementation, KBR and EBIC expect to achieve significant benefits such as simplified engineering, reduced spare parts requirements, and efficiencies in operator and maintenance training.

The TS-3000, based on TMR fault-tolerant technology, uses an integrated architecture that combines driven (compressor) equipment control with driver (turbine) equipment control. By combining EBIC's four ITCC applications on the common TMR platform, the TS-3000 systems can reduce nuisance trip rates to less than one in five hundred years. The TS3000 TMR control system provides the highest reliability for a wide variety of critical rotating equipment applications, including gas and steam turbines, compressors and generators, and a wide range of integrated turbine/generator control applications.

The Triconex TMR technology employs three isolated, parallel control systems and extensive diagnostics integrated into one system. The system uses two-out-of-three voting to provide high-integrity, error-free, uninterrupted process operation. The TMR architecture eliminates any single point of failure and enables on-line maintenance, on-line programming downloads, self-calibration and fault localization.

The Wonderware InTouch HMI software provides user-friendly process visualization, operation, and easier access to performance and operational data. InTouch applications are flexible enough to meet users' immediate needs and can scale to accommodate their future requirements, while retaining the value of earlier engineering investments and efforts.

About Egypt Basic Industries Corporation Egypt Basic Industries Corporation (EBIC) is an Egyptian exporter of ammonia. Buyers use the ammonia as a feedstock to manufacture fertilizer. Shareholders in EBIC include PSK Holdings, KBR, Orascom Construction Industries, Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, Sokhna Port and several private investors. Project financing for the new ammonia plant is being provided by five international banks.

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