Introducing: The Nocom Multiduct System

Nocom is proud to introduce its latest addition to the Multiconnect family: The Nocom - Multiduct System! The Nocom - Multiduct System can be used in three applications: New construction, retro-fit of existing in-floor duct systems or retro-fitting existing buildings without a duct system and incorporating our Multiduct System. The Nocom - Multiduct System can provide all sources of power, data and communication requirements through a structured duct system. Our system can satisfy today's known requirements at time of installation and allows for a full range of singular or multi-unit outlets for future requirements.

The Nocom - Multiduct system combined with our Multiconnect Floor Outlet Adaptors can provide all the features and benefits that have made Multiconnect a successful means of providing a flush source outlet for power, communication and A/V. Whether you're using our duct system with preinstalled units or with after set outlets, we can provide multiple compartments for connection of multiple ducts and sources.
For more information, please visit us at or call toll-fee 1-888-225-2478, Ext. 246.

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