Introducing the NEW Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometers

These Laser Scan Micrometers are available in a wide variety of models with measurement that can be utilized in diverse applications

With a wide variety of models, LSM measurement can be utilized in diverse applications. The LSM-500S can measure ultra-fine wires as thin as .0002" (0.005mm) in diameter to a resolution of  .000001" (0.00001mm), and the LSM-512S can measure cylindrical workpieces with a diameter as large as 4.7" (120mm). Options for measuring larger diameters are available.

• Ultra-high speed 3200 scans/sec

• Statistical calculation mode

• RS-232C and I/O interfaces are standard

• Capable of handling high speed applications or workpieces that vibrate

• Includes Quicktool*, a free software package that makes operation of LSM setting simple

*For use with customer supplied PC and RS-232C cable

Ultra-High Accuracy Laser Scan Micrometer - LSM-902/9600


• High-accuracy inspection of pin & plug gages & other tight-tolerance parts such as medical & aerospace

• Ultra-high accuracy: Linearity of ±0.5µm for entire range

• Statistical calculation mode

• Ultra-high repeatability of ±0.05µm

• Data output to PC or other external devices from display unit

Bench Top Laser Scan Micrometer - LSM-9506


• Integrated display and measuring unit into one unit

• Statistical calculation mode

• RS-232C interface, I/0 interface, & SPC output interface are provided as standard

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