Introducing Aluminum Alloys For Casting

Aluminum (Al) has long been a metal Belmont Metals supplies and has developed. Along with supplying aluminum for its light weight & highly corrosion resistant properties, we now offer this metal as special and unusual aluminum alloys for casting. The crucial role it plays in industrialized growth comes from its strength and rigidity, non-sparking and non-magnetic properties as well as its relative low cost. Our expanded products include aluminum master alloys for the introduction of a variety of elements into aluminum. This has expanded on Belmonts extensive non-ferrous alloy metal offerings and has added an important sector to Belmonts business. Aluminum master alloys feature; beryllium, boron, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, nickel, silicon or titanium, all of which can be alloyed with aluminum. Ingots, slabs, waffles, and custom shapes are available for metallurgical additions and applications.

In addition to this we are an ALCOA distributor of both high purity aluminum & alloyed foundry ingot. Although iron is the metal most often associated with strength and durability, aluminum can be manufactured with a tensile strength greater than most irons, up to 90,000 pounds per square inch. We are manufacturers of standard and custom compositions and shapes, including; primary aluminum foundry ingot, Belmont foundry ingot, self-aging alloys, special bearings alloys and mangalum aluminum solders.

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