Introducing a New Line of Burrs Specifically Designed for Podiatry and Nail Filing Procedures

Bianco Brothers is pleased to introduce a new line of Podiatry Burrs in five different styles. Choose from ultra course, flame and cone shapes. Made in America of tungsten Carbide and are totally sterilizable. Designed with an increased angle at the edges so that there is virtually no dust and the finish is left smooth.

Bianco Brothers is manufacturer of quality precision scissors, shears, nippers, files & tweezers for the surgical, dental, podiatry & beauty industry. Producer of surgical scissors, cobalt stainless steel tissue nippers, stainless steel curettes, hemostats, bone cutters, bone rasps, bone chisels & files, forceps, nicatomes, osteotomes, ronguers, nail cutters, nail splitters, retractors, squeezable scissors, wire cutting scissors, bandage shears, dental scalars, tooth extractors, excavators, wax spatulas, explorers, dental elevators, retainers, amalgam holders, hair shears, thinning shears, pushers, swivel razors, tweezers & cuticle nippers, tailor shears & felt scissors. Sharpening service, custom designs, prototype, packaging & private labeling is available.

Contact Information:

Vincent Bianco

Vice President

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