Interval Counter uses reciprocal counting techniques.

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Model GTX2220 delivers frequency, period, totalize, and time interval functions in PXI form factor. Reciprocal counting provides fixed number of digits of resolution for all frequencies, rather than fixed resolution in Hz for same gate time. Counter provides 2,300 measurements/sec and features 10 digits/sec of resolution for frequencies from 1 Hz to 1.3 GHz. It can determine any frequency to 7 digits in 1 ms, and can resolve each time measurement to 100 ps.

Original Press Release:

Geotest Introduces 1.3GHz Time Interval Counter

AUTOTESTCON 2003 - ANAHEIM, Calif. (September 20, 2003) - Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., a global supplier of electronic test equipment for aerospace, semiconductor, telecom, medical, industrial and military applications announces the introduction of the GTX2220 1.3GHz time interval counter.

The GTX2220 provides all of the features of stand-alone counters-including frequency, period, totalize and time interval-in the PXI form factor. The counter uses reciprocal counting techniques to achieve high-resolution measurements on lower frequency signals, without sacrificing measurement time. Reciprocal counting provides a fixed number of digits of resolution for all frequencies, rather than a fixed resolution in Hz for the same gate time. This ability to precisely resolve frequency and time yields both increased accuracy and reduced measurement time for users.

The GTX2220 provides 10 digits/sec of resolution for frequencies from 1Hz to 1.3GHz-i.e.: it can determine any frequency to seven digits in just 1ms, and resolve each time measurement to 100ps. This ability, in conjunction with its 2300 measurements/sec capabilities, makes the GTX2220 one of the fastest time interval counters available today in any form factor.

"The GTX2220 serves as further proof that PXI is well suited for RF applications," said Loofie Gutterman, Geotest's president. "Combined with the introduction of Geotest's PXI RF switching cards, the GTX2220, as well as additional RF products scheduled to be released by Q1-2004, will allow PXI users to take their test applications into the RF and microwave arenas."

Availability. Product shipment for the GTX2220 is scheduled for Oct. 2003.

For More Information: To receive more information on the GTX2220, or other Geotest PXI- and PC-based test products, contact Geotest at:

888-TEST-BY-PXI (888-837-8297)
FAX: 949-263-1203

A subsidiary of the Marvin Group (Inglewood, CA) Geotest -Marvin Test Systems, Inc. is a global supplier of PXI and PC-based test products, systems, and solutions. Geotest's products and systems are used worldwide in thousands of aerospace, semiconductors, communications, medical, industrial, and military test applications.

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