Interpreter Software aids design of telephony services.

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With VoiceXML/CCXML Interpreter Software, developers of VoIP and PSTN telephony solutions can implement standards-based interfaces to variety of applications, including IVR, voice portals, conferencing services, and voicemail. Program allows scalability from one to thousands of channels, active call redundancy with automatic failover, and support for integration with 3rd party speech engines. Software operates with Prosody and Prosody X DSP-based media processing platforms.

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Aculab Introduces VoiceXML/CCXML Interpreter Software

19th June 2007, Milton Keynes, UK - Aculab, a leading provider of enabling technology for the communications market, is pleased to announce the availability of its VoiceXML/CCXML interpreter software. This software allows developers of VoIP and PSTN telephony solutions to implement standards-based interfaces to a wide range of applications including interactive voice response (IVR), voice portals, conferencing services, voicemail, unified messaging platforms and prepaid services.

The use of interpreter software significantly speeds up the application development process by eliminating the need to develop with native product APIs, providing faster time to market, while reducing the associated costs. Designed to operate with a range of Aculab's media processing and signalling platforms, the interpreter software allows seamless solutions scalability from one to thousands of channels, active call redundancy with automatic failover to ensure no active calls lost and supports for integration with 3rd party speech engines (TTS, ASR, SVI). The software package provided by Aculab includes both VoiceXML, used for creation of interactive dialogues between the caller and the telephony server, and CCXML which is used for call control and allows intelligent call routing and outbound dialling.

The product is recognised by communications solutions developers for providing the highest operational performance and call interactions throughput of thousands of channels per host, achieved by pre-compilation of scripts and optimised media caching. "The interpreter software provided by Aculab is optimised for telco level performance", says Herman Abel, Product Manager at Aculab. "Tested to deliver beyond a thousand of concurrent voice channels on a commodity server with Intel Xeon 5160 CPU, the VoiceXML/CCXML interpreter is a key instrument for designing standards-based high call volume telephony services." In addition to the outstanding performance, the software architecture designed to support essential functionality required by every carrier-grade service, i.e. linear scalability, service distribution amongst multiple hosts with load balancing, redundancy with automatic failover insuring no active call are dropped and remote OA&M.

Aculab's VoiceXML/CCXML interpreter operates with a full range of Prosody and Prosody X DSP-based media processing platforms. The software package supports flexible licensing on the "per channel" basis and early adopters are also benefiting from time-limited evaluation licences.

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