Internet Service offers fiber optic business solution.

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VistaHD utilizes high-speed microwave wireless and physical fiber optic connections to provide uninterrupted onsite access to Internet and allow company computers to be available from Internet. Service is available with static DNS entries for IPs or with access to each static IP address. Fully configured and serviced Cisco router is provided for seamless and automatic switchover from one media to another for inbound and outbound traffic.

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Vista Broadband Networks' Highly Diverse Fiber Optic Business Solution

SANTA ROSA, Calif. - Vista Broadband Networks, Inc., Northern California's largest pure, fixed wireless and fiber Internet Service Provider (ISP) for business, is proud to introduce VistaHD, a Highly Diverse economical business Internet service package that creates true diverse transport media and multiple geographically diverse paths from your facility through their infrastructure and into the Internet backbone at speeds and reliability second to none. This is accomplished with an award winning tested architecture strategically utilizing two very powerful technologies: Vista's own designed and constructed high speed microwave wireless and physical fiber optic connections. "Our own infrastructure powerfully offers VistaHD solutions that have been designed specifically for businesses that rely on Internet access for critical operations. Companies can no longer afford to stay bound to the limitations of a single conventional media Internet connection.

This now gives a business the ability to meet the heavy, no outage demands of today's applications, while preparing it to seamlessly scale into the future, and that is exactly what VistaHD brings to any organization," adds Vista Solution Specialist Anthony Adams. Customers using VistaHD services have expressed their extreme satisfaction with Vista's service since it not only offers their business blazing fast speeds, but also demonstrates no outages - all with excellent 24/7 proactive technical services as well. "Vista's staff is very knowledgeable, professional, prompt, courteous and, above all, respectful to their clients. If there are questions or concerns they are addressed quickly and in an orderly fashion. This has always been the case for our account even back when we only subscribed to a handful of services," says Ascentia Wine Estates IT Director Art Ochoa. All of the VistaHD solutions can be installed in days (sometimes hours) and include a fully configured and serviced high-end Cisco router that provides true "end to end" managed services to your business as part of the service. Using this most advanced, yet simple and elegant design to assure seamless and automatic switchover from one media to the other for both inbound and outbound traffic allows for many customers to qualify for Vista's industry leading 100% uptime Service Level Agreement guarantee. VistaHD service configuration will not only provide for uninterrupted onsite access to the Internet, it will also provide your onsite computers to be always available from the outside Internet world, seamlessly and smoothly while using classic, proven static DNS entries for the IPs or with direct access to each static IP address. To learn more about VistaHD Solutions for your business visit or call us at (707) 792-3304.

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