International Polymer Engineering Provides Sensor Covers for Harsh Environments

Increased demand for protection from hazardous environments expands IPE's solutions

Tempe, AZ- May 26, 2009 - Spurred by growing customer demand for sensor covers, International Polymer Engineering has announced additional product offerings to its production of PTFE and thermoplastic materials. This expansion complements the company's well-developed extruded polymer offerings, including PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), expanded PTFE and thermoplastic products.

"Our extension into this arena reflects our commitment to becoming a reliable supplier of sheets, disks and tubes to protect instrument probes from a variety of hazardous environments," said Craig Fitzpatrick, research and development manager for International Polymer Engineering. "PTFE is the ideal material for covering instrumentation probes, the material is resistant to virtually all chemicals, withstands extreme temperatures and allows outgassing while still barring aqueous solutions. Additionally, customers benefit from working with a trusted and dependable source, one who works proactively to bring innovative solutions to the table, from production to pricing."

"IPE uses a variety of shapes and porosities to encapsulate measurement instruments and probes. We have designed a variety of vents and covers to meet the highest demands of various applications," said Tony Green, president and chief of operations for International Polymer Engineering. "Using combinations of fabrication techniques in conjunction with our thermoforming processes we are able to produce almost any item in PTFE at relative low cost. The fabrication processes we use are particularly economic with small and medium volumes compared with conventional plastics processing."

The implementation of thermoplastic operations was seamless at IPE thanks to the customized design services and efficient production practices the company has had in place for more than two decades. IPE's products are already in use in a wide variety of markets, including medical, automotive, aerospace, filtration and aeration. The company currently produces a variety of products including their exclusive FluoroFlex(TM) endoscopic working channels and SuperFlex(TM) endoscopic wire-reinforced channels for medical instruments.

IPE also offers a full range of value-added operations including chemical etching, bonding, imprinting and more. All of IPE's value-added operations are set in place to assure customers the speed-to-market they demand to stay competitive in today's global market.

"Our investment in providing a wealth of value-added operations and services, including product engineering, JIT logistical support and inventory management is for the benefit of our customers," said Green. "Customers have invested a lot in developing us as a supplier, and we feel strongly that it is our responsibility to provide them with rapid and reliable service with the features they need."

An ongoing dedication to continuous improvement and a passion for solving problems that other companies refuse to even entertain has allowed IPE to keep ahead of the curve and has resulted in many loyal customers.

"Our dedication to providing PTFE probe covers benefits our customers and our customers' customers," said Fitzpatrick. "We look forward to providing them with well engineered products at a level of excellence they have come to expect from us."

For more information about International Polymer Engineering or the company's capabilities, please call 800-789-0074 or visit the website at

About International Polymer Engineering: International Polymer Engineering is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of custom tubes, rods and profiles using the latest in polymer technology and automated extrusion techniques.

IPE fabricates porous Polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), polyurethane, polyethylene, nylon and other thermoplastics for applications such as medical catheters, endoscopic working channels, cable assemblies, filtration, and many other applications.

IPE serves the medical, automotive, aerospace, filtration, and aeration industries. IPE delivers value to its customers by combining engineering excellence and exceptional customer service with unmatched product delivery. Contact us at: phone: 800-789-0074; fax: 480-929-9799; or Web site: International Polymer Engineering is located at 2445 West Medtronic Way, Tempe, AZ 85281.

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