International Electronics, Inc. Introduces New Line of Access Control Keypads

The 2000 Series Keypad Platform Offers Exceptional Versatility with
a Range of Control Functions

Canton, MA, September 20, 2006 - International Electronics, Inc. today
announced the 2000 Series, a new line of access control keypads offering the
greatest range of functionality and versatility of any keypad on the market. The 2000
Series Platform offers outstanding value by combining the functionality of IEI's
current keypad products.

With the ability to manage up to 500 users, the 2000 Series access control keypads
provide complete access control functionality including monitoring the position of the
door, controlling lock hardware, and triggering a propped or forced door alert or
alarm shunt. Users have the choice of changing the mode of functionality of the 2000
Series keypad to either an independent, stand-alone access control device or as a
front-end to IEI access systems and most Wiegand access system controllers.
The 2000 Series will initially be available in the e and eM style products. The e Style
keypad is a flush mount backlit keypad and the eM Style keypad is a flush mount
durable metal keypad. Functionally, a single 2000 Series keypad has the capability of
the 212, 242, and SSW series of IEI keypads.

John Waldstein, President and CEO of IEI said, "The 2000 Series is ideal for many
different applications such as access control, door alarm, handicapped doors, gate
controls, machinery requiring momentary or latched outputs, elevator control, and

The 2000 Series products will be available for shipment in mid November.
A new expanded output module available with 2000 Series products enables the
addition of 8 additional control outputs for a total of 10 outputs. The expanded
output connects to the keypad with a 6 conductor connection and can be installed
remotely from the keypad up to a distance of 30 feet. The expansion module easily
mounts to a double gang plate and can also fit in a double gang box (part number

Customers can order the 2000 Series products from any security distributor by using
the part numbers "new 212e" for the e style and "new 212eM" for the eM style.
Summary of features of the 2000 Series includes the following:

o 500 users
o Uniform IEI programming and wiring
o Door position monitoring and REX input
o 2 standard form C dry contact relay outputs
o Expansion relay module with 8 additional outputs
o Sounder for key press and alert conditions
o Field configures to work with Wiegand systems
o Field configures to work with IEI access systems
o Handicapped entry door

About International Electronics, Inc.

International Electronics, Inc. (IEI), an ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer,
designs, manufactures, markets and sells electronic access control equipment and
browser-managed security platforms used in residential and commercial security
systems and wireless access control and fleet management systems for industrial
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its eMerge(TM) browser-managed access and security management products and its
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markets its security management and access control products to leading
distribution and electronic security installation companies, and its PowerKey(TM)
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