Internally Mounted Thermoelectric A/Cs keep enclosures cool.

Press Release Summary:

Available in 5 sizes, internally mounted air conditioners are suited for use where enclosure cooling is required but space requirements prohibit external protrusion. Design offers horizontal or vertical mounting completely internal to enclosure, and performance ratings range from 155–390 BTU/hr. Versions for temperature control and different environment ratings are also available. There are no refrigerants, compressors, or moving parts (other than fans).

Original Press Release:

Internal Mount a New Option for Air Conditioners

TECA introduces internally mounted air conditioners for enclosure cooling. TECA's line of "Internal Mount" coolers are ideal when enclosure cooling is needed but space requirements prohibit external protrusion from the enclosure. Available in five sizes, the new air conditioners offer horizontal or vertical mounting- completely internal to the enclosure. Performance ratings range from 155 BTU/hr to 390 BTU/hr. As with all TECA air conditioners, versions for temperature control and different environment ratings are available. There are no refrigerants or compressors and no moving parts other than the fans. Thermoelectric cooling is reliable and nearly maintenance free, making these new enclosure coolers the perfect solution for remote or hard to access areas.

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