Interlock System is offered with relay expansion modules.

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Dortronic's 4900 Series Intelligent Interlock System lets system designers build on standard mantrap configuration and program additional interlock configurations or operation requirements. It can be customized for unique operational requirements and reprogrammed to accommodate future expansion with additional I/O modules. PLC controller initially handles 33 inputs and 33 outputs and can be expanded to accommodate in excess of 128 inputs and 128 outputs.

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Dortronics' 4900 Series Mantrap Systems Enhanced with new Relay Expansion Modules

Modules Add Versatility & Functionality of Programmable Interlock Systems.

Anaheim, CA (September 21, 2009) - Dortronics Systems, Inc. has added relay expansion modules to the company's popular 4900 Series Intelligent Interlock System.

The expansion modules increase the number of outputs, allowing system designers to build upon the standard mantrap configuration and program additional interlock configurations or operation requirements such as switching lock power, traffic lights, sounders, cameras, or signaling a central console.

Mantrap configurations are common for applications such as casino cash handling, data centers and clean rooms, and involve two or more sets of doors that surround a limited access space at the entrance of a facility. Typically, the first set of doors must be locked behind someone entering the facility before a second set of doors is opened, thus offering added security and the ability to seal the area for increased security and environmental control.

"Dortronics' 4900 Series Intelligent Interlock System with our new Relay Expansion Modules provides system designers with a tremendous degree of versatility," said Bryan Sanderford, National Sales Manager, Dortronics Systems, Inc. "The system is futureproof because it can be customized for almost any operational requirements. The unit can be easily reprogrammed to accommodate future expansion with additional input/output modules - or for changes in functionality."

The 4900 Series PLC controller will handle 33 inputs and 33 outputs and can be expanded to accommodate in excess of 128 inputs and 128 outputs. Its modular design enables control of any sized door interlock project with standard input/output modules and expansion relay modules providing cost-effective configurations for most mantrap designs. Additional standard and special-order modules can be combined to provide custom solutions.

Each 4900 Series board can control up to four normally locked doors, eight normally unlocked doors or a mix of locked and unlocked doors utilizing the 8 available inputs.

Each board provides 8 inputs (typically used for the door switch and request-to-exit switch for each door); 4 DPDT form C Relays providing 8 dry contact outputs (4 fused and 4 un-fused); 4 open collector outputs that can be used to drive signal lights directly or may be used to operate up to four additional relays if needed; 4 voltage out terminals and 4 common returns for powering locks, lights or external circuits.

The 4900 Series Controller provides easy expansion for a virtually unlimited number of controlled portals, and can provide timed responses for the sequencing of peripheral equipment, such as blowers, lighting or decontamination systems.

Dortronics Systems, Inc. designed the 4900 Series to be compatible with any access control system or standard manual switch controls. It can be used with any electrically operated locking devices to control automatic door operators, air misting/purge systems, LEDs for traffic indicators and monitoring controls.

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