Interior Maintenance adds Capacity in HVAC Energy Savings

Interior Maintenance Company (IMC) is proud to announce its association with Aeroseal technology to allow us to more easily identify and seal air duct leaks.  Recognizing our customer's concerns with energy loss, odor control, and indoor air quality, IMC has incorporated this process to assist in solving these HVAC related problems. With this new addition to our services, Aeroseal is estimated to save our customers between 25 and 40 percent in their energy costs by reducing or eliminating the amount of air loss coming from leaky HVAC systems.

The combination approach of finding and sealing leaks incorporates computer-controlled injection of safe aerosol particles. The technology has almost two decades of research and success behind it, with notable funding coming from the U.S. EPA, Department of Energy, Electric Power Research Institute and California Institute of Energy and Environment.

In addition to keeping warm or cooled air contained in the HVAC system, Aeroseal's duct sealing process also keeps unconditioned air out of the system. This leads to better air quality with fewer contaminants making it into the air supply, including odors, and dangerous carbon monoxide backdraft.

IMC looks forward to introducing Aeroseal technology to our commercial HVAC clients, who will benefit from better indoor air quality, and a measureable return on their investment.

If you have any questions about Aeroseal or would like to request a consultation to discuss your HVAC sealing needs, visit our website or call 1-800-220-6547.

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