Interface/Output Module suits Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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Orion(TM) Four Port Data Interface/Output Module for Orion(TM) Fiber Optic Communication System, can directly insert four individual channels of data onto Orion Network. Designed for applications where additional data channels need to be inserted into network, it is transparent to data encoding, and can pass RS-232/422/485 data with no adjustments. Drop and insert capabilities allow any data signal to be added, monitored, or dropped at any node within system.

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IFS Adds 4-Channel Data Interface Module to Orion(TM) Fiber Optic Communication System

New Orion(TM) Product Can Insert 4 Channels of Data per Module into Orion(TM) Fiber Optic Network

NEWTOWN, CT. June 14, 2002 - International Fiber Systems Incorporated (IFS), a leading manufacturer of fiber optic transmission equipment, has announced another new module to further expand the capabilities of the highly-regarded Orion(TM) Fiber Optic Communication System. The new module, called the Orion(TM) Four Port Data Interface/Output Module has the capability of directly inserting four individual channels of data on to the Orion Network. This module was designed for applications where additional data channels needed to be inserted into the network, such as Intelligent Transportation Systems where large numbers of data channels are needed for Traffic Signal control, Variable Message Sign control and camera control. It will also have application in security and surveillance networks where additional data channels are needed for camera control and controlled access applications.

The Orion(TM) Data Input Module is transparent to data encoding, and can pass RS-232, 422 or 485 data with no adjustments. The module can be placed in any node anywhere on the network to insert or drop the data. Multiple data input modules can be placed within each node and the video and data modules can be placed in the same node with no limitations. The Orion(TM) system can be used in conjunction with the Orion Video Input Module to provide an infinite number of video and data transmission combinations. The Orion(TM) System provides full "drop and insert" capabilities allowing any of the data signals to be added, monitored or dropped at any node within the system. As with the other Orion(TM) Modules, the data input module is compatible and easily integrated with all major Access Control Equipment, Traffic Signalization, Variable Message Sign Equipment, Alarm and CCTV Equipment manufacturers.

"In many of our projected Orion applications, especially within the ITS market we identified a need for more data channels than the Orion Video Input Module allowed. This four data channel module allowed us to fill that need." Said Nhu Dang, IFS Product Manager.

"We feel that there are many applications such as airports, rail stations, and Intelligent Transportation Systems, where the need for wide area network capabilities the Orion(TM) system provides is critical," said Bruce Berman, ITS Sales Manager from IFS. "This product's capability opens new doors that will maximize the use of the limited fiber that may be available to them." According to Berman, "This is a great problem-solving solution for utilizing a DOT's fiber optic backbone. The data channels may be optically extended by the incorporation of an RS-232 point to point, linear point to multipoint or self-healing ring network, resulting in a low-cost and extremely wide area network capable of supporting large quantities of traffic controllers in an ATMS closed loop signalization network."

The Orion(TM) System is an extremely fault tolerant network when implemented with a second fiber. It provides total redundancy for a highly reliable network in a self-healing ring configuration. With an operating temperature range of -40 degrees C to +74 degrees C, solid-state current limiters and status indicating LEDs, the Orion(TM) System also meets NEMA TS-1/TS-2 and Caltrans traffic signal control equipment environmental specifications.

International Fiber Systems superior engineering and world-class manufacturing capabilities enables IFS to offer our industry first Lifetime Warranty.

Established in 1989, IFS is at the forefront of advances in fiber optic technologies. The company offers more than 300 analog and digital fiber optic products for commercial and industrial applications, which include CCTV, access control, data transmission, fire and alarm system applications, intelligent transportation systems, facility and building automation, and broadcast systems.

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