Interface Modules offer high-speed MGCplus transfer rates.

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Designed for MGCplus amplifier system, CP22 and CP42 communications processors contain integral USB and Ethernet components that allow networks of several thousand channels to be created without additional hardware. Transfer rates vary between 57,600 values/sec in 4 byte format with CP22 on USB and 307,200 with CP42 on Ethernet. Connected via synchronization cables, devices recognize if they are master or slave and feature Linux OS.

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New Interfaces Accelerate MGCplus Transfer Rates

HBM has released two interface modules - the CP22 and CP42 communications processors - with faster transfer rates than existing modules for its MGCplus amplifier system.

The devices contain integral USB and Ethernet components allowing networks of several thousand channels to be easily created without additional hardware, such as PCMCIA Ethernet cards or USB adapters. Transfer rates of between 57,600 values/sec in 4-byte format with the CP22 on USB and 307,200 with the CP42 on Ethernet can be achieved.

Printers and other peripherals can be connected directly using the integrated USB port. Where PCs are fitted with only one USB port, the CP22 can be operated using the PC's USB port and the printer run from the CP22's USB device port.

Several MGCplus systems can easily be combined to create a 10,000-channel measuring amplifier system since synchronization is simple. Synchronization cables connect both communications processors with each MGCplus automatically recognizing if it is a master or slave device. No switches are needed to specify which MGCplus is the master.

Using the Ethernet interface allows the entire data stream from an MGCplus to be displayed on a PC or on a PCMCIA hard disk without using a PC.

The communications processors enable multi-client capability since data can be recorded on the hard disk with simultaneous visualization and processing on the PC. This allows several users to work in parallel from different locations, either within a company or internationally, with online access to the measurement data.

Both communications processors feature a Linux operating system to ensure maximum measuring accuracy. Each processor meets the needs of all end users with extensive trigger functions, three different measuring rates, and different recording modes, such as periodic measurement and continuous measurement.

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HBM, with U.S. headquarters located in Marlborough, Mass., is a leading global supplier of measurement technologies, products and solutions for industrial test and measurement applications. HBM provides complete measurement solutions - from sensor to software - for industrial and laboratory applications. Its wide range of measurement parameters includes force, torque, weight, strain, displacement and pressure. Primary markets include aerospace, automotive and manufacturing.

HBM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectris plc.

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