Interface Module accepts inputs from SSI-compatible devices.

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Synchronous Serial Interface(SSI) module, for RMC100 motion controllers, accepts inputs from absolute rotary encoders, laser measuring devices, and magnetostrictive displacement transducers (MDTs), including those with resolutions to 2 microns or 0.00008 in. Interface, for precise, coordinated servo positioning applications, has modular flexibility for 2 to 8 motion axes with any combination of SSI transducers. Communications options allow use with any PLC or computer.

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RMC100 Synchronous Serial Interface Module from Delta Computer Systems Provides Higher Noise Immunity, Fast Absolute Positioning, and Allows Mixing & Matching from Two to Eight Axes of Any Combination of Transducer

July 30. 2002 Delta Computer Systems' Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) module, for the RMC100 motion controllers, provides increased noise immunity and less data corruption, higher resolution and absolute positioning, with modular flexibility for two to eight motion axes with any combination of SSI transducers.

Intended for precise, coordinated servo positioning applications, the SSI module's interface allows use of a wide variety of feedback devices using the SSI standard. Many types of magnetostrictive displacement transducers (MDTs) can be used, including those with resolutions to 2µm (micron) or 0.00008 inches, as well as absolute rotary encoders and laser measuring devices. Manufacturers of transducers with SSI interfaces include:
oBalluff, Inc.
oBaumer Electric, Ltd.,
oHeidenhain Corporation,
oMTS Systems Corporation - Sensors Division (Temposonics)
oStegmann. Inc. and
oTR Encoder Solutions. Inc.

With the addition of the SSI module, RMC100 motion controllers now support mixing and matching of SSI devices along with standard MDTs, quadrature encoders, and analog transducers, from two to eight axes of synchronized position, velocity, or force control for ready-made solutions to today's demanding automation needs. In addition, multiple communications options, including Discrete I/O. Ethernet, PROFIBUS, Modbus Plus, and Serial RS-232/422/485 allow the RMC to be used with any PLC (programmable logic controller) or computer.

Applications include precision operations such as
otooling and tool handling.,
oinjection, RIM, and blow molding,
ocasting and forging,
opinch rollers, winders, and wrappers,
oedgers, headrigs, veneer lathes, and flying cutoff saws
ocyclic testing, and
omechanical animation.

For additional information about Delta's RMC100-SSI motion controllers, contact Delta Computer Systems, Inc., 11719 NE 95th St., Suite D, Vancouver, WA 98682-2444. Telephone 360/254-8688, Home Page, or circle reader service card number

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