Interface Engine offers one-step device integration.

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With open source connectivity, Java(TM)-based JavaLin/100 Clinical Interface houses CPU, solid-state memory, instrument specific driver module, and embedded JResultNet Clinical Router software. It uses Linux open-source operating system and includes Java Runtime Engine for application programs. Unit can control interfaces to serial or network based instruments and connects directly to network hubs. Multiple encryption algorithms ensure data security.

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Dawning Technologies, Inc. Releases the First Java(TM) Based Interface Engine

JavaLin/100 Clinical Interface Combines One-Step Device Integration & Open Source Connectivity

Fairport, New York, July 30, 2002 --- Today Dawning Technologies, Inc. released the first Java based interface engine for the clinical market, the JavaLin/100. With a wide array of features previously unavailable without custom programming, additional hardware and great expense, the JavaLin provides true one-step device integration using industry standard protocols.

The new JavaLin is a small footprint device housing a powerful CPU, substantial solid-state memory, an instrument specific driver module and our embedded JResultNet Clinical Router software. It uses the Linux open-source operating system and includes a Java Runtime Engine for application programs. The unit can control interfaces to serial or network based instruments and connects directly to a standard network hub.

Designed to replace terminal servers, serial interface cards, local PC workstations, central instrument server systems and host-resident instrument drivers, the JavaLin provides true one-step device integration. For the first time instrument data can be captured locally, completely processed and reformatted and delivered directly over the enterprise network in standard protocols such as HL7 or ASTM. JavaLin supports a variety of transport protocols including TCP/IP sockets, NFS, FTP and Windows networking file transfers.

Flexible network connections and protocols coupled with the Linux operating system allow the end user to configure the JavaLin to operate within any network environment either with a fixed IP address or via dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP). The availability of a PCMCIA slot provides additional expansion possibilities such as external ports, additional storage or wireless access.

With the addition of the powerful encryption package available from the OpenSSL Project the JavaLin provides multiple encryption algorithms ensuring patient data is secure from unauthorized access, moving you one step closer to HIPAA compliance. This is the first device to offer significant encryption security very close to the analytical instrument, typically before patient data is on the network.

The JavaLin's operating status can be monitored over the network using a standard browser. Access to configuration, diagnostics and other functions is via a small Java utility that can be loaded on any remote workstation. Usernames, passwords and access permissions are stored on the JavaLin unit. All exchanges including transmission log files are encrypted.

The embedded JResultNet Clinical Router application provides extraordinarily flexible control over interaction with devices and host systems. JResultNet is a powerful interface engine that processes data based on individual fields and is able to build any desired output. This application handles mapping of test names and field locations to match the needs of each side of the communication. It can also run some of the optional modules such as the Broadcast Manager or Downtime ID modules.

John Selmyer, Dawning Technologies President said, "The JavaLin marks the third step in our continuing migration to Java based software products (the company previously released the Reference Lab Connection Package and JResultNet) and further demonstrates why Dawning is the only company providing it clients with Smart Connections. With this solution we are able to provide our clients with unmatched flexibility while at the same time providing LIS vendors a cost effective and simple to install interface solution."

The JavaLin/100 is available immediately and comes complete with a Java analyzer driver module of your choice. Contact Dawning at 1-800-332-0499 or for additional information and pricing.

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Dawning Technologies, Inc provides connectivity solutions to the clinical laboratory market in over 3000 sites worldwide. Dawning leverages sophisticated technology in its continuing development of "Smart Connections", which help customers solve their serial connectivity challenges while adding value to their current network operations.

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