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QuickBloc Universal PLC interface has 8 or 16 channels, connects to any manufacturer's PLC, and has choice of screw or tension clamp technology. It comes with terminals, pre-wired cable with flying leads ready to attach to any PLC's front panel adapter, and pre-printed marking tags. Options are available for fusing, analog signals, and PCB versions that use pluggable cable system.

Original Press Release:

Weidmuller's New PLC Connection Solution Reduces Interface Inventory

CHICAGO (March 18, 2002) - Weidmuller introduces the new QuickBloc Universal PLC Interface to meet your PLC connection needs. QuickBloc is designed to reduce inventory and investment costs with an innovative one-stop solution, especially where more than one PLC is specified. Now it's no longer necessary to match field interface modules and cables to get the right combination. Just one part number gives you a complete PLC connection solution.

The QuickBloc solution provides a lower-cost alternative to standard passive interface. Terminals, a pre-wired cable with flying leads ready to attach to any manufacturer's front panel adapter, and pre-printed marking tags provide all you need. Weidmuller will be happy to exchange the new front panel adapter provided with your PLC for a pre-wired front panel adapter cable. Ideal for applications where space is at a minimum, the QuickBloc Universal PLC interface is available for 8 or 16 channels, and connects to any manufacturer's PLC with a choice of screw or tension clamp technology for your field connection wiring. If you require fusing, or are connecting analog signals, there are PCB versions that utilize the pluggable cable system. Reduce inventory maintenance costs by utilizing a universal solution that comes boxed and ready to snap on a rail for any control application.

Weidmuller, Inc. is the U.S. operation of Germany-based Weidmuller Interface GmbH and Company-the world's leading supplier of electrical connection technology such as terminal blocks, printed circuit board terminals and connectors, relay sockets and plugs, and power supplies. Weidmuller has approximately 3,400 employees worldwide, with 70 sales organizations or offices in more than 60 countries. Weidmuller, Inc. was established in Richmond, VA in 1975 and today employs about 130 people in its U.S. operations.

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