Intercim Receives Funding from French Innovation Agency OSEO for Its Ambitious Bioinformatics Project

The Software Will Allow Specialists New Ways to Analyze Biomedical Data in Order to Detect and Treat Serious Illnesses

PARIS -- Intercim LLC, French market leader in automated learning tools for advanced and highly regulated industries and the world's #1 software solutions provider for vaccine manufacturers, announced its ambitious R&D program dedicated to optimizing the renowned Pertinence Suite solution to meet the very specific needs of today's bioinformatics.

For nearly 20 years, technological advancements in genomics have enabled laboratories to generate very large biological datasets which include valuable information about gene sequencing, their expression, the structure of the proteins, metabolic circuits and so forth. Usually, these huge volumes of data are automatically generated and stored for later use.

However, researchers are now faced with the challenges of manipulation, crossover, analysis and visualization of the data as well as the interpretation of the analyses. One of the main challenges with bioinformatics is to facilitate access to and the processing of biological data in a way that truly helps decision-making. Intercim discovered many similarities between the diverse array of complex environments in which it works (pharmaceutical, electronic, nuclear and aeronautics) which lead the company to initiate preliminary work in 2009, and then to validate its approach with the top names in the French and US medical and biotech industries, and finally to launch its R&D program in late 2010, backed by the OSEO.

This project, dubbed ANIS, aims to expand the application of Intercim's pharmaceutical technologies, primarily for:

- Developing and fine tuning new treatments
- Enhancing and expediting proper medical diagnoses

The main objective of ANIS is to enable Life Science and Healthcare experts to identify and understand the similarities between different patient profiles suffering from the same ailments in order to facilitate medical diagnoses and devise new treatments.

With this project, Intercim is putting nearly 10 years of investments in data analysis and learning tools towards improving the diagnosis of diseases and optimizing the treatment of patients.

During this 18-month mission, the company plans to perfect and launch a new version of its Pertinence Suite software solution that will allow specialists to better predict a treatment's effects on a specific individual, and to process large datasets 10 to 100 times greater than what's being handled today, in order to expedite diagnoses and treatment of certain diseases.

Through this initiative, Intercim clearly demonstrates its capacity to make the most of the synergies that exist between a variety of different fields and to expand the scope of its applications to new areas with very high added value. These applications share certain characteristics such as research, processing and analysis of diverse, highly complex, massive datasets from which users must be able to extract logical rules to enable improved medical diagnoses or the development of personalized treatments.

About Intercim

Intercim has a 28-year history of helping advanced and highly regulated manufacturers reach their business goals through best in class software solutions. Early 2009, Dassault Systemes a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management took a minority position in Intercim. Both companies consider critical that information exchange and collaboration between engineering, manufacturing and the supply network be handled in real-time. For the first time, the combination of Intercim's software capabilities with the virtual experience provided by Dassault Systemes' solutions allows this type of mission-critical collaboration and knowledge sharing. Intercim works mainly for advanced and highly regulated industries and with industry-leading customers such as Boeing, Sanofi Pasteur, Ball Aerospace, BMW, and Honeywell.

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