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Using advanced camera technology and body tracking software, GestureFX display system intelligently responds to body movement to project dynamic interactive multimedia content, interactive advertising, or games onto any surface of any size. GestureFX 1.5 software delivers 70 non-branded applications and special effects. Release also offers SDK module for complete real-time game engine development, enabling complex animation, interaction, and scoring.

Original Press Release:

GestureTek Launches Enhanced GestureFX Display System for Interactive Surfaces

Company upgrades its industry leading technology for interactive projection and visual display systems

TORONTO, July 15 /-- GestureTek Inc., inventor and world leader in gesture-driven interfaces for presentation and entertainment systems, today launched an enhanced version of the company's GestureFX library of multimedia special effects applications for interactive display systems.

GestureFX is a stunning interactive projection and visual display system for advertising and entertainment in public and corporate spaces. Using advanced camera technology and multi-patented body tracking software, the system intelligently responds to body movement in order to project dynamic interactive multimedia content, interactive advertising or games onto any surface of any size -- including tables, floors, bars, counters, windows, screens and freestanding panels.

The newest software release, GestureFX 1.5, delivers over 70 engaging non-branded applications & special effects that can be used right out of the box. The system can be installed by GestureTek's team or self-installed by the client. Included with the system is a comprehensive manual with over 50 examples of applications and instructions on how to create them. These instructions allow clients to develop, change or adapt their own multimedia content. A console play list interface is also included, enabling clients to easily choose applications and change their sequence and duration with the click of a mouse. Active X capabilities also let GestureFX run as a sub window within other multimedia and digital signage solutions.

While the GestureFX graphic engine has always supported the addition of 3D and Flash applications, the Flash Software Development Kit (SDK) has been reduced in price with the release of GestureFX 1.5. The new release also offers an additional SDK module for complete real-time game engine development, enabling complex animation, interaction and scoring. Additionally, GestureFX now comes with built-in Edge Blending for multiple projector set-ups, eliminating the need for extra costly hardware. When configured for use on a vertical screen surface, GestureFX 1.5 comes with 24 hour lens/iris support, to optimize performance in changing lighting conditions and on more challenging surfaces such as store windows.

"GestureTek has the most advanced solution in the market for gesture-controlled displays, signage and interactive surfaces, with thousands of client systems in operation around the world," said Vincent John Vincent, President and Co-Founder of GestureTek Inc. "The release of GestureFX 1.5 puts us even further ahead of the pack in the quality and usability of our interactive systems and special effects applications."

See GestureTek's full lineup of over 70 show-stopping special effects applications!

Selected GestureTek Interactive Displays:

European advertisers get a taste of GestureTek's Digital Wall thanks to ATRAE, GestureTek's strategic dealer in Spain and Portugal.

TELUS World of Science -- Calgary Features GestureTek's Motion-Control Display Systems.

Journalists use multi-touch interactivity to explore video and images of key news items.

Intel uses GestureTek interactive table to promote Centrino Duo Processor.

GestureTek's Illuminate Display educates visitors at Icelandic power plant.

Telefonica uses GestureTek to add multi-touch interactivity to a retail window.

Montana State University uses GestureTek's interactive display technology in multimedia center.

Fogscreen showcases GestureTek's ScreenFX interactive technology at InfoComm.

About GestureTek Inc.

GestureTek is the pioneer, patent-holder and world leader in gesture-recognition technologies and computer vision for information, presentation and entertainment systems. The company's revolutionary video gesture control software lets users control interactive content, access information, manipulate special effects or immerse themselves in an interactive 3D virtual world - simply by moving their hands or body. In the past 20 years, GestureTek has delivered approximately 4,000 interactive displays, kiosks, exhibits, games and other interactive solutions for museums, science centers, location-based entertainment facilities, retail stores, tourism and hospitality venues, real estate presentation centers, corporate boardrooms and showrooms, television networks and game developers. The technology is also used by advertisers and marketers to make their digital signs and advertisements interactive and immersive. Healthcare organizations specializing in rehabilitation, sensory stimulation, activation and recreation also use GestureTek's technology for virtual therapy. GestureTek's clients include leading organizations and Fortune 500 companies such as CNN, NASA, BMW, Ford, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Federal Express, Autodesk and Panasonic. Software and patent licensees include Microsoft, Sony, Hasbro and NTT DoCoMo. GestureTek is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with additional offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Asia. Learn more at or call (800) 315-1189.

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