Intensifying Screens are suited for industrial radiography.

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Enabling non-destructive radiography testing, Hexalon Flex lead intensifying screens provide artifact-free x-rays of dimensional exterior/interior surfaces. Screens are designed with flexible backing and are able to reduce scatter and secondary radiation because of high absorption. They are available in Fiber 90 Bristol backing with Enviroseal© peel-off protective cover and in sheets or rolls from .005-.010 in. thick in variety of widths.

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Warren Associates Introduces Next Generation Hexalon Flex Intensifying Screens

New Flexible Intensifying Screens Provide Artifact-Free X-Rays of Dimensional Exterior/Interior Surfaces for Industrial Radiography PITTSBURGH, PA, July 27, 2007-Warren Associates, the leading manufacturer of high quality x-ray lead intensifying screens for industrial radiographic nondestructive testing applications for more than 60 years , has introduced new Hexalon Flex for dimensional exterior and interior applications that require greater flexibility. Warren's Hexalon and Warren Select lines of lead intensifying screens have become the industry standard for radiographic testing applications where defect-free analysis is required. The new Hexalon Flex line is designed with a proprietary flexible backing which makes it easy to inspect dimensional exterior and interior applications. These durable, long-lasting lead screens, available in a range of widths, fit a tighter radius resulting in better film screen contact. Features of Hexalon Flex Lead Intensifying Screens are: o durable and reliable lead intensifying screens for non-destructive radiography testing o able to cut exposure time and increase contrast and sensitivity o able to reduce scatter and secondary radiation because of high absorption o guaranteed to be free from radiographic defects for greater accuracy o available in Fiber 90 Bristol backing with Enviroseal© peel-off protective cover o available in sheets or rolls from .005" to .010" thick in a variety of widths For more information on the new Hexalon Flex line or any other Warren Select quality intensifying screens, contact your dealer or call 412-766-5757 or email for free samples. About Warren Associates: Pittsburgh-based Warren Associates, founded in 1946 and celebrating three generations of family commitment, has built a worldwide reputation for producing high quality intensifying screens in a wide variety of materials for non-destructive testing. Warren Associates' founder was instrumental in developing the use of intensification in conjunction with x-ray film, and through the years, the company has developed a line of specialty products to service the NDT industry for all applications and conditions. Both its Hexalon® and Warren Select lines of products are considered the standard throughout the world for radiography. Warren manufactures specialty alloys and configurations for the non-destructive testing industry as well as providing electrical, sound and x-ray shielding, specialized foils including lead or tin, lead castings and lamination of various metals. For information call 412-766-5757, fax 412-766-6993.

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