Intelligence/Electronic Warfare System operates on aircraft.

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Modular Intelligence/Electronic Warfare (IEW) system is signal intelligence and stand-off/stand-in system that collects and processes data in real time. Combining advanced COMINT-COMJAM and ESM/ELINT-ECM systems, it manages multiple frequency sub-bands as it detects and intercepts threats via rapid spectrum scanning. Included ESM/ECM suite engages multiple threats simultaneously, and voice and data communications are available for airborne and ground-based platforms.

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Elisra's New IEW Solution Debuts at Farnborough

A new SIGINT/EW system of systems: An integrated solution for complete operational intelligence, situation awareness and force protection

Farnborough, UK - Elisra, a venerable EW, intelligence and communications world leader, unveils its new modular advanced SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) and EW (Stand-off/Stand-in) system - a complete operational unified solution for intelligence, situation awareness and force protection - at this year's Farnborough 2010, July 19-25, at Elbit Systems' booth, HALL 1, C-14.

With this new IEW (Intelligence/Electronic Warfare) solution Elisra has integrated and combined advanced COMINT-COMJAM and ESM/ELINT-ECM systems into a unified system of systems, presenting a new level of capabilities, this new solution provides a fast, complete and accurate intelligence picture and protects those operating in all threat environments onboard airborne platforms (aircraft, transport and helicopters).

With airborne small-platform compatibility and land platforms applicability as a function of modularity, the new IEW solution offers stand alone economies and customizable configurations, resulting in new levels of capital, equipment and personnel cost efficiencies.

Itzchak Gat, Elisra's CEO says, "We strive to provide our customers with the next solution to fit their needs". He goes on to say, "Our new IEW solution is indeed such an example, enabling operational superiority by providing a unique combination of capabilities as a unified solution".

A complete operational answer, it provides a comprehensive intelligence picture and situation awareness, while collecting and processing data quickly and accurately in real time. The ESM-COMINT function of this modular system, a subsystem of the IEW solution also provides accurate data for targeting. Elisra's new IEW solution provides an integrated battle picture while displaying specific operational data for each of the subsystems that comprise it. A computerized management core with complex algorithms provides precision down to pulse level. The system manages multiple frequency sub-bands as it detects and intercepts any threat through rapid spectrum scanning.

Enabling both COMJAM and ECM for self protection and 'soft kill' capability while gathering intelligence, Elisra's new IEW solution provides target generation and acquisition disabling electromagnetic threats.

Elisra's new IEW solution comprises operationally proven, interoperable components working simultaneously as a flexible system configured to meet existing and emerging threats. These include a fully-featured ESM/ELINT system for platform protection, surveillance, early warning, information gathering and storage, geolocation, and data analysis; a COMINT/DF system, a multi-channel wideband direction finding system with ultra fast accurate-range DF measurement in dense environments; COMJAM system, a modular, flexible system configured to meet existing and emerging threats; an integrated, modular ESM/ECM suite, enabling simultaneous engagement of multiple threats, situation awareness, electronic attack and self-defense, as well as over the horizon radars detection, real-time interception of electromagnetic radar transmissions and more. The new IEW solution also includes Voice and Data communications for airborne and ground-based platforms and offers optional integration of IR self-protection, MWS (Missile Warning System), and CMDS (Counter Measures Dispensing System).

About Elisra

Elisra, a world leader in the field of Information Warfare (EW, Intelligence and C3) for over four decades, has been the source for these systems which have been deployed on a vast variety of platform types, in modern defense forces of more than 40 countries worldwide.

The company develops designs, manufactures, integrates and supports advanced EW, Intelligence (RF and IR based) and Communication solutions for air, sea and land applications.

Elisra, 70% owned by Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT), and 30% by Elta Systems Ltd. (an IAI subsidiary), comprises Elisra Electronic Systems, Tadiran Electronic Systems and Tadiran Spectralink.

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