Intelligence and Defense Departments Select Patton for the Transformation of Fiber Optic Communications

With the FiberPlex product range, Patton overcomes the challenges in data and communications security through fiber optics 

Patton, company specialized in the manufacture of solutions in the field of Unified Communications, Cloud and Internet of Things for business and industrial networks; guarantees the security of communications through fiber optics. 

Regardless of the security needs specific to your industry, FiberPlexand Patton have a proven track record in safeguarding the vital information of the most demanding and critical customers in the world. 

At present, the large volume, high speed and variety of data generated require modern fiber optic installations to replace traditional copper wire which simply can not keep up with current transmission requirements in real time and high levels of security. 
These revolutionary solutions are not only capable of handling today's technological needs, but they are also prepared for the innovations of tomorrow. 

The Department of Defense and Intelligence of the United States has relied on Patton's FiberPlex brand for more than a quarter of a century to secure the most critical information for the country's mission. 

The public sector has a large amount of critical information that needs the highest protection. The security of citizens or the competitiveness of Public Administrations are closely linked to the protection of data and communications. 

In this sense, FiberPlex offers the highest standards in terms of transport safety, isolation and content control. 
That is why, institutions such as the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community of the United States have been trusting the Patton brand for more than 25 years. 

Also in the private sector, fiber optic meets the needs of today's demanding digital communications systems. The world of content diffusion and live entertainment, among others, uses fiber optics to reject noise and transmit data at a greater distance. 

Typical transport systems receive and retransmit data in a way that can limit its scope of use. With the unique FiberPlex proposal, the connection is completely transparent. As a result, you will have a solid and reliable connection. 

About Patton 

Patton is a manufacturer of Unified Communications, Cloud and Internet of Things solutions, specialized in products with VoIP technologies and last generation Ethernet extenders. 

With Swiss engineering and manufacturing in the US, Patton is distinguished by the excellent value for money of its products, as well as its unparalleled technical support. 

Patton has a large portfolio of gateways and eSBC's eSBC's, as well as Ethernet extensions Ethernet with Power-over-Ethernet that can extend Ethernet networks up to 1 km with PoE. 

In addition, with the recent acquisition of the American company FiberPlex, Patton expands its product range and includes fiber optic communications security solutions in its portfolio. 

FiberPlex has designed, manufactured and distributed fiber security solutions for 25 years for the US government. and has since shared his experience in national and international markets. 


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