IntelliCorp Reduces the Cost, Time and Risks of Populating SAP Solution Manager

Estimates Show Resource Savings of Up to 90 Percent

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 5 -- IntelliCorp, a worldwide provider of software and applications for SAP lifecycle management and system support, today detailed NetProcess' automated, accelerated and efficient capabilities for populating SAP Solution Manager. IntelliCorp estimates show that when using NetProcess, customers may reduce their time and cost investment by up to 90 percent.

NetProcess automatically reverse engineers business processes using up-to-date data from SAP production instances, including all custom transactions, to build a graphical As-Is model. Then, with a push of a button, the business process hierarchy is uploaded into Solution Manager via NetProcess' SAP Certified Integration.

"NetProcess enabled us to assemble a business process model that accurately documented our As-Is environment, based on an automated discovery of our in-use production transactions, and then publish the hierarchy in Solution Manager," explained Trevor Wills, deployment director of global IT for Atos Origin, a leading international IT services provider with revenues of more than EUR 5 billion. "The project took 21 days, which was at least five times faster than if we had done it manually. IntelliCorp's approach and tools provided an effective and efficient way of documenting the processes with minimum manual effort."

SAP Solution Manager gives companies a more centralized way to facilitate support for enterprise systems. It connects business processes with technical infrastructure; increasing communication between business and IT groups, and lowering the total cost of ownership.

When populating Solution Manager, the most common struggle for companies is finding up-to-date process documentation that matches Solution Manager's strict hierarchy. IT is forced to manually assess and document the current system, which typically requires a three to five month investment. Add to that the time it takes to validate the model and system, manually configure Solution Manager and fix inaccuracies, and the resulting effort demands five to seven months.

NetProcess' automated approach takes two to five weeks.

"IntelliCorp takes the guesswork out of documenting and building content for the business process model, which must be established before populating Solution Manager," said Christopher Trueman, CTO for IntelliCorp. "Automating with NetProcess reduces the resource investment by three to six months and makes it easy to maintain design, and manage, future changes."

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