Integrated Robotics and Custom End-of-Arm-Tooling Provide Solutions for Automated Machine Loading

ESS Technologies, Inc. custom designs robotic end effectors for FANUC robots.

January 2008, Blacksburg, VA -ESS Technologies, Inc., an authorized FANUC system integrator, integrates a FANUC LR Mate mini robot with ESS custom-designed end-of-arm-tooling to create the TaskMate(TM) Robotic Loading System. The TaskMate(TM) is ideal for automating machine loading at the infeed. The custom end-of-arm-tooling can be designed to handle most any type of product. This allows the system to robotically load machine infeeds on thermoform blister packagers, cartoners, wrappers, and other types of packaging equipment. ESS customers have deployed robotic loading systems for packaging medical devices, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and consumer products. Custom end-of-arm-tooling can handle a variety of containers, such as ampoules, syringes, bottles, tubes, etc.

Quick release connections allow the robotic end effector to be removed or installed in seconds, providing the fastest possible changeover time. In addition to increasing productivity, the TaskMate(TM) Robotic Loaders reduce repetitive motion and cost while increasing the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of any packaging line. FANUC robots and the integrated end effectors will work in a number of environmental settings, including clean room, process, and packaging. Equipped with a tabletop platform, interlocked guarding, and optional light curtain, the TaskMate(TM) Robotic Loader easily integrates with most packaging equipment. All FANUC robots offer enhanced motion control, speed, vision, and robotic dexterity, making the robot a key component to the TaskMate(TM) system. Experienced in system design and robotic integration, ESS Technologies, Inc. provides packagers with automated solutions to machine loading.

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ESS Technologies, Inc., founded in 1993, specializes in complete packaging line design, equipment manufacturing, and integration. Our expertise includes filling/capping equipment, robotic palletizing systems, horizontal/vertical cartoners, case packing equipment, tube filling, overwrapping, custom designed solutions for medical device assembly and pharmaceutical packaging, and integrated robotics. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, ESS Technologies' products offer you tomorrow's packaging technology today.
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