Integrated MMPs feature reconfigurable architectures.

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Suited for mobile multimedia handsets, Vinno I (part No. VC868) and II (VC858) are 0.18 µm mixed-signal single-chip and 0.13 µm single-chip Mobile Multimedia Processors (MMPs), respectively, that integrate various multimedia functions. Models feature 1.3 or 2.0 mega pixel camera processor, various codecs, and MCU core. Other features include MP3 decoder, MIDI synthesizer, and videoconferencing support.

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Vimicro Launches Vinno Product Family of Single-Chip Mixed-Signal Integrated Mobile Multimedia Processors

Industry Leading Integrated Mixed Signal Mobile Multimedia Processors With Advanced Audio and Video Features

BEIJING, March 27 /Xinhua- -- Vimicro Corporation (NASDAQ:VIMC), a leading fabless semiconductor company that designs and develops advanced mixed signal multimedia semiconductor products and solutions, today announced that it has launched the Vinno Product Family, to target the fast growing mobile multimedia handset market, where the Vinno Product Family is considered as the industry leading single-chip mixed-signal mobile multimedia processor with the highest level of integration of the new multimedia functions such as MPEG4 and H.264 video, MP3, AAC/aacPlus and WMA audio, video conferencing, graphics for gaming, as well as the other popular features for mega pixels camera, polyphonic ringtone, 3D stereo sound, and many analog and mixed-signal circuitries, all integrated into a single chip.

The design of Vinno processors is based on innovative proprietary reconfigurable architectures that work seamlessly with most handset baseband platforms such as those from TI, Freescale, Philips, Agere and Broadcom, etc., as well as across 2.5G/3G mobile networks based on GSM, GPRS, CDMA and different 3G standards. The flexible integrated processors enable handset vendors to design and manufacture mobile phones with rich and varying levels of multimedia features for the segmented and rapidly evolving markets, with very short time-to-market. The highest integration with mixed-signal capability also enables handsets with tremendous efficiencies in power, cost and form factor.

''Highly integrated designs with small die size and low power consumption are critical for the incorporation of high performance multimedia capabilities into small and light-weight handsets. Therefore it is necessary to integrate analog and digital functions on a single semiconductor. Our experienced teams of mixed-signal design engineers successfully integrated a variety of multi-voltage analog circuitry into our Vinno products with 0.18 and 0.13um CMOS process technologies,'' said Dr. Dave Yang, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Vimicro, ''Our proprietary reconfigurable processor architecture allows our products to achieve processing speed, signal quality and power consumption performance comparable to those obtained from competing fixed function hardware, while at the same time able to provide the flexibility to be configured for a variety of multimedia applications for different market segmentations.''

"As multimedia gains its importance in mobile communication, Vimicro has steadily built up its product portfolio to provide multimedia processors ranging from advanced audio solutions, to advanced camera and video solutions, and now to our latest single-chip integrated solutions" said Raymond Chang, Vice President of Marketing of Vimicro. "With Vimicro's continued innovations in the mixed-signal mobile multimedia space, along with our depth and breadth in system, firmware, embedded software expertise and multimedia SoC design platform, we believe that our new Vinno products will enable our customers to design and manufacture handsets to meet a variety of multimedia requirements with fast time-to-market and competitive cost."

Brief Product Description:

Vinno I (with part number VC868) is a 0.18um mixed-signal single-chip MMP (Mobile Multimedia Processor) with embedded 1.3mega pixel Camera Processor, JPEG codec, ISP(Image Signal Processor), LCD controller, MP3 decoder, 64-channel MIDI synthesizer, 3D-sound processor, 10-band equalizer, stereo audio speaker/headphone amplifier, stereo voice ADC, 8-bit MCU, file system, nand-Flash controller, and SD/MMC card controller, Vinno I provides a competitive solutions for 2.5G and 3G phones.

Vinno II (with part number VC858) is a 0.13um single-chip MMP (Mobile Multimedia Processor). Powered by embedded microprocessor core, low-power MPEG4 codec, H.264 Codec, 2 mega pixel camera processor, AMR codec, MP3 decoder, AAC/AAC+ decoder, WMA decoder, MIDI synthesizer and Game Engine. Vinno II provides a complete solution for feature-rich 2.5G handset market. In addition, Vinno II supports video conferencing for 3G phone.

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Vimicro (NASDAQ:VIMC) is a worldwide leading fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets proprietary embedded mixed-signal multimedia signal processing chips and solutions that enable multimedia applications for mobile phones over 2.5G/3G networks and PCs over broadband Internet. For more information, visit .

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