Integrated Microwave Technology (IMT) Receives $200,000 Order for Airborne Video Downlink System (AVDS) from Prominent Mid-Atlantic State Police Agency

System Provides Comprehensive, Fully Integrated Aircraft-to-Viewing Terminal Solution that Leverages Airborne Units to Enhance Tactical Operations

MOUNT OLIVE, N.J. - Integrated Microwave Technology ("IMT"), a business unit of xG Technology, Inc. ("xG") and a leader in advanced digital microwave systems serving the law enforcement, broadcast, sports and entertainment markets, announced it has received a $200,000 order from a prominent state police agency located in the Mid-Atlantic region ("the Agency") for an Airborne Video Downlink System ("AVDS"). The system consists of video communications equipment and related services that extend the efficacy of tactical operations by leveraging police airborne units.

The IMT AVDS, which has been deployed and is currently operational, is comprised of an integrated suite of downlink transmitters, receivers and antennas that capture real-time, reliable high-definition video from helicopters and other aircraft for display at Emergency Operation Centers, mobile command units and directly to smart phones over the cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

IMT's AVDS was procured as a replacement for a legacy system that suffered from limited range, unreliability and low video resolution. By contrast, AVDS will provide a heightened safety and security layer to the Agency's law enforcement operations by leveraging its aerial platforms. Video transmitted by these aerial platforms provides ground-based personnel an immediate clear and reliable picture of what is being viewed from above, allowing the tactical and strategic direction of ground units using actionable intelligence in real-time.

"This order represents the latest in a number of engagements we have entered into with federal, state and local law enforcement entities seeking to enhance ground-based police operations with video intelligence captured from the air," said John Payne IV, president of IMT. "Reliability and ease of operation—the main factors that ensure the downlink system will actually be used—are the hallmark of our AVDS. With the growing number of public safety agencies upgrading their airborne platforms, there is a need for a reliable, robust, seamless, fully integrated system to provide ground-based personnel a strategic and tactical overview of the mission. We designed the AVDS with these imperatives in mind, and we look forward to working closely with this customer to obtain maximum utility from the system."

AVDS has been designed to support full state coverage using the following IMT equipment:

Skymaster TX – lightweight, full-featured video downlink transmitters installed with access controllers in the police helicopters;

Multiple CIRAS-x6/2 antenna systems strategically placed around the state;

DR3 – IP Aggregator – an IP diversity aggregator that provide seamless switching and supports both central receive and portable applications;

CIRAS and Stream Viewers on command vehicles

One of the most notable features of AVDS is that the array of receivers and antennas has been specifically designed to allow each site to receive video feeds from two aircraft simultaneously.

About Integrated Microwave Technology

Integrated Microwave Technology (IMT), a business unit of xG Technology, Inc., is a leader in advanced digital microwave systems and a provider of engineering, integration, installation and commissioning services serving the broadcast, sports, entertainment and law enforcement markets. The company comprises the leading microwave brands Nucomm, RF Central and IMT, offering customers worldwide complete video solutions. Nucomm is a premium brand of digital broadcast microwave video systems. RF Central is an innovative brand of compact microwave video equipment for licensed and license-free sports and entertainment applications. IMT is a trusted provider of mission-critical wireless video solutions to state, local and federal police departments.

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