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Integrated Development Software supports Windows 8.

Press Release Summary:

Integrated Development Software  supports Windows 8.

Mar 13, 2014 - Used to configure Sysmac NJ machine automation controllers, FH vision systems, HMIs, and Safety CPUs, Sysmac Studio v1.09.47 lets users add new Variables while list is sorted/filtered, drag and drop from Toolbox in ST editor, and compare drive parameters within Sysmac Studio. Users can also register, edit, and transfer Cam definitions on Sysmac Studio and open/upload Sysmac Studio projects with 3rd party ESI files. Program supports one-click Transfer to/from Controller with no Sync necessary.

Omron Automation & Safety - Hoffman Estates, IL

Original Press Release

Sysmac Studio V1.09 Released Via AutoUpdate

Press release date: Feb 28, 2014

New version is packed with features and fixes

SCHAUMBURG, IL – OMRON Automation and Safety ( released a version-up of Sysmac Studio V1.09.47 software, used to configure Sysmac NJ machine automation controllers, FH vision systems, HMIs, Safety CPUs and more. This latest version-up of the integrated development software improves usability and includes key new functions requested by our worldwide customers. An abbreviated list of updates is shown below.

Abbreviated Highlights:
• Windows 8 support
• Multi-docking for most windows & tabs (multi-monitor)
• Mouse scrolling in Multiview Explorer - not just Editor and Toolbox
• Add new Variables while list is sorted/filtered
• Drag & Drop from Toolbox in ST editor
• Compare drive parameters within Sysmac Studio - rather than using CX-Drive
• Register, edit, and transfer Cam definitions on Sysmac Studio, and change cam definitions from the user program
• Open/Upload Sysmac Studio projects with 3rd party ESI files - rather than including ESI file separately
• Comments on individual variables within Structures
• Improved Online Edit speed, and Online Edit individual ladder rungs - rather than switching into the Online Edit mode
• One-click "Transfer to Controller" and "Transfer From Controller" - no Sync necessary
• Searching for instruction in Toolbox also shows its Group name, so that it can be browsed to later
• Up to 8 FH vision controller units in a single Sysmac Studio project, and supported by all versions of NJ firmware
• Safety CPU FBD Debug Mode includes present values of all variables in the function block

What’s an AutoUpdate?
The Omron AutoUpdate system allows registered users to optionally download the latest software updates online. For instructions on how to use this system, please see the Omron Quick Tip Video on YouTube here.

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