Integer-N PLL suits commercial space applications.

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Radiation tolerant to 100 krad TID, UltraCMOS® PE97240 can perform for 10+ years in harsh space conditions. Phase-locked loop consists of dual modulus prescaler, counters, phase detector, and control logic. Integer-N frequency synthesizer generates multiple output frequencies from single reference input frequency. Housed in 44-lead, hermetically sealed CQFP package, PLL consumes 75 µA at 2.7 V, and achieves max FOM (floor) of -227 dBc/Hz with 5/6 prescaler and -225 dBc/Hz with 10/11 prescaler.

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Peregrine Upgrades Its Industry-Leading, Radiation-Hardened UltraCMOS® Integer-N PLL

With Improved Phase Noise and Unmatched Radiation Performance the PE97240 Builds Upon the Successful Space Heritage of Peregrine's PLL Products

SAN DIEGO, – Peregrine Semiconductor Corp., founder of RF SOI (silicon on insulator) and pioneer of advanced RF solutions, announces the UltraCMOS® PE97240, an integer-N phase-locked loop (PLL) that offers superior phase noise performance for signal precision and frequency stability. Designed for commercial space applications, the PE97240 is radiation tolerant to 100 krad (Si) total ionizing dose (TID) that allows the part to perform for 10 or more years in harsh space conditions. Built on Peregrine's UltraCMOS technology on a sapphire substrate, the PLL is naturally radiation hardened and immune to single-event latch-up (SEL).

"Peregrine has a proud heritage of over 15 years of space-flight PLL products," says Kinana Hussain, senior marketing manager. "Our space customers trust the high reliability of UltraCMOS products, and PE97240 extends our successful PLL product family with improved phase-noise and superior rad-hard performance."

Peregrine's PE97240 Attains Industry-Leading Phase Noise Performance for Space Applications

Peregrine's PLL has an integer-N frequency synthesizer that generates multiple output frequencies from a single reference input frequency. This divided down output enables reference and phase detection at lower frequency, and it handles both frequency and phase lock. With PLLs phase noise is an important measure of the signal's spectral purity. Superior phase-noise performance significantly reduces phase jitter and noise, which offers RF engineers high signal precision and solid frequency stability. Phase noise is a product of thermal noise - expressed by the floor figure of merit (FOM(floor)) - and low-frequency flicker noise - expressed by the flicker figure of merit (FOM(flicker)) - within the system. The PE97240 achieves an industry-leading maximum FOM(floor) of -227 dBc/Hz with the 5/6 prescaler and -225 dBc/Hz with the 10/11 prescaler; the PLL also sets the bar with a FOM(flicker) of -265 dBc/Hz with the 5/6 prescaler and -259 dBc/Hz with the 10/11 prescaler.

Features, Packaging, Pricing and Availability

Peregrine's UltraCMOS PE97240 is a rad-hard PLL designed for high-reliability space applications. It consists of a dual modulus prescaler, counters, a phase detector and control logic. The component can perform with high reliability due to its 100 krad (Si) TID radiation tolerance. The frequency range is 4 GHz in 5/6 prescaler modulus and 5 GHz in 10/11 prescaler modulus. The PLL has a low power consumption of 75 microamperes at 2.7V, enabling RF engineers to better allocate power resources, and its counter values are programmable through a serial interface or by directly hard-wiring. In addition, the component is immune to single-event latch-up (SEL) due to heavy ions in radioactive environments. Offered in a RoHS compliant, 44-lead, hermetically sealed CQFP package, the PE97240 is available now.

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UltraCMOS PE97240

Frequency Range

--5 GHz in 10/11 prescaler modulus
--4 GHz in 5/6 prescaler modulus

Phase noise floor figure of merit

--230 dBc/Hz

Low Power Consumption

75 mA at 2.7V

Special Features

--Counter values are programmable through either a serial interface or by directly hard-wiring


44-lead CQFP package



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