Intech Guide Rollers Help Cutting System Run Smoothly

Autometrix Precision Cutting System relies on the long-life and smooth operation of Power-Core(TM) guide rollers.

CLOSTER, NJ - Intech provided precision guide rollers made from proprietary Power-Core(TM) material for Autometrix's Precision Cutting Systems. The guide rollers do not require lubrication, a must, where a cut product could be damaged by escaping grease. The AutoCut 7000 incorporated ten Intech guide rollers, one for each support bearing in the system, which operates at speeds to 46 inches per second with maximum accelerations to .7g, position accuracy of 0.02-inches, and repeatability of 0.005-inches.

Intech ran life calculations based on the specific application, roller size, and rail geometry to determine the roller suitability for the long-term wear life required by the Autometrix design. The primary benefit of the guide rollers was their cost effectiveness compared against other cam followers on the market. A company spokesperson said that while they provide replacement parts for their machines they seldom need to purchase the guide rollers.

A major feature that helped make the guide roller stand out above the rest was the advantage of having a component that reduced overall noise and vibration, which helped to reduce user stress levels while operating in production situations. The Intech guide rollers can be used under a wide variety of environmental conditions, which include temperature ranges from -40 degrees F to well over 160 degrees F, as well as in highly corrosive environments. The Power-Core(TM) tire material does not become brittle in those very low temperatures and retains its elasticity over its complete temperature range.

The Power-Core guide rollers resist getting flats due to static loads or in repeated use and do not wear out the aluminum rail. Essentially, the cam followers in the AutoCut 7000 cutting system have outlasted most other components in the system over the years.


Founded in 1983 by Georg Bartosch, Intech Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of contamination-free self-lubricating plastic gears, rollers, and cam followers made of non-hygroscopic Intech Power-Core(TM) material. Intech helps its customers reduce costs by running maintenance-free motion components at higher speeds, while using less energy and requiring no lubrication. Smoother running machines that offer low inertia, and reduced friction, noise, and vibration contribute to lowering the impact of manufacturing on the environment. Intech products are "Clean, Green, and Lean."

For MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Mr. Georg Bartosch: Intech Corporation; 250 Herbert Avenue; Closter, NJ 07624; Tel: (201) 767-8066; .

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