INTA Expands Aero Acoustics Lab with an Array-Based Noise Source Identification System

INTA (National Institute for Aerospace Technology) has recently acquired an array-based Noise Source Identification system from Brüel & Kjær.

In recent years, the Environmental Impact Laboratory of INTA (LIMA) had been developing their own microphone array system, but due to the large number of channels needed for expanding the aeroacoustics laboratory with wind-tunnel noise measurements, the INTA working acoustic group decided to purchase Brüel & Kjaer equipment for noise localisation.

The system consists of an array with 42 precision microphones, several PULSE LAN-XI modules and the PULSE Acoustic Test Consultant and Beamforming applications.

The microphones are capable of measuring up to 20 kHz and the Dyn-X input modules provide an extra-large dynamic range to avoid overloads. Using this system INTA can locate and identify noise sources of vehicle and aircraft components obtaining noise colour maps for each frequency of interest. This information helps the engineers to modify the structure in order to improve its aerodynamics and noise emission.

Following delivery and the site acceptance test, Brüel & Kjær also held a seminar to train the INTA engineers on the use of the system.

More information about Brüel & Kjær's Noise Array systems is available at:

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