Insulative Sheathing helps comply with 2009 Energy Codes.

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When used as layer of continuous insulation over oriented standard board, GreenGuard® PLYGOOD® R-2 Insulative Sheathing offers solution for complying with prescriptive methods of 2009 (IECC) in Climate Zones 5-6 and Marine 4, covering northern half of continental US. Extruded polystyrene board features polystyrene foam core and plastic film facers. Measuring 7/16 in. thick, product is available in 4 x 8 and 4 x 9 ft sizes.

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GreenGuard® Announces PLYGOOD® R-2 Insulative Sheathing

New Cost-Effective Product Helps Builders Comply with 2009 Energy Codes

ATLANTA, -- Pactiv Building Products announces the launch of GreenGuard® extruded polystyrene (XPS) PLYGOOD® R-2 insulative sheathing, a cost effective solution to meeting the increased wall insulation requirements of the 2009 International Energy Code (IECC). Studies have shown that PLYGOOD R-2 insulative sheathing, when used as a layer of continuous insulation (ci) over oriented standard board (OSB), is the easiest and most cost effective solution for complying with the prescriptive methods of the 2009 (IECC) in Climate Zones 5-6 and Marine 4, covering the northern half of the continental US.

"The need for improved insulation that is easy to install and economical is universal," said David DeWulf, Director of Marketing, Strategic Growth and Sustainability. "The building science community has long recognized and endorsed the practice of continuous insulation, an external layer that reduces thermal breaks, raises the overall effective R-value of the wall system and reduces the opportunity for moisture accumulation at moisture sensitive wall components. PLYGOOD R-2 Insulative Sheathing does just that job with a proven technology."

GreenGuard®PLYGOOD R-2, an extension of the company's PLYGOOD insulative sheathing product line, is an extruded polystyrene board featuring a polystyrene foam core and field-proven, durable plastic film facers. The R-2 sheathing product is 7/16 inches thick and available in two sizes--4' x 8' (PG48) and 4' x 9' (PG49).

The Prescriptive Methods for meeting the 2009 IECC is Climate Zone specific, and may contain options for cavity wall insulation value plus exterior insulation. The amount of exterior or cavity wall insulation depends on Climate Zone and construction method. For more information on the Energy Code requirements for your Climate Zone, or to find your applicable Climate Zone, visit

GreenGuard® products are designed to improve the energy efficiency and durability of buildings using conventional construction practices. The sustainability focus of the GreenGuard® product line helps builders and contractors achieve green building certification through greater material efficiencies, smarter construction practices and reduction of energy consumption.

For more information on GreenGuard® building products, to order product samples, or literature, call 1-800-241-4402 or visit the GreenGuard® web site at

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