Insulating Board Material has low thermal conductivity.

Press Release Summary:

Model V-19 Block, 1900ºF vermiculite composition board has nominal density of 24 lb/ft³ and average compressive strength of 134 psi. With no organic binders or fillers, material's fibers do not cause discomfort during installation. Dimensions, cut to size, provide tolerances of ±1/16 in. (max). It is available in standard 36 x 12 in. size block with thickness increments of 1, 1½, 2, 3, and 4 in. Standard blocks can be made into various shapes.

Original Press Release:

New V-19 Block Insulation; A Substitute for Mineral Wool Board Products

Thermal Ceramics announces the offering of V-19 Block, a true 1900ºF capable insulating board material with excellent strength and low thermal conductivity. This product, a high temperature vermiculite composition board manufactured in the US, offers many performance advantages not found in typical mineral wool block insulation.

V-19 Block has a nominal density of 24 lbs./cu. ft. and an average compressive strength of 134 psi, which is 3-6X the value of typical mineral wool board insulation. V-19 Block also does not contain organic binders or fillers so its strength is not greatly affected by firing. Although V-19 Block is a denser product than mineral wool board, its thermal conductivity values are generally better (e.g. 0.93 vs. 1.00 - 1.1 BTUoin./hr.oft² ºF @ 1200ºF). The vermiculite fibers making up V-19 Block also do not cause discomfort during installation and since every dimension is cut to size, tolerances are much tighter, a max +/- 1/16".

The Thermal Ceramics - Girard, IL facility where V-19 Block is manufactured has zero recorded customer complaints during the last three years - a reflection of their quality focus. V-19 Block is available in standard 36" x 12" size block and thickness increments of 1, 1 ½, 2, 3 and 4 inches. The Girard plant also maintains excellent fabrication expertise, being able to alter standard blocks into a wide variety of shapes and sizes (beveled, slotted, semi-circular, etc.).

Unlike low-end mineral wool board, V-19 Block must be pre-drilled for placement since it is not impalable over anchors due to its green strength. However this property makes it easily cast or gunned against with refractory castables as well as utilized in all types of furnace lining constructions with firebrick, refractory plastic or ceramic fiber materials.

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