Instrumentation Recorder logs data at 100 Mbps.

Press Release Summary:

Compact Datamax II digital recorder can simultaneously record analog, digital and video data from high speed channels for long periods of time. It has data rate of 102.4 Mbps, analog bandwidth of 90 kHz, and storage up to 700 Gbyte in redundant RAID configurations. Instrument can continuously record 32 channels at 200 kHz sample rate for 15 hr. Applications include environmental, static, vibration, acoustic, sonar and pyroshock tests.

Original Press Release:

DataMax II(TM) Instrumentation Recorder Data Rates Exceed 1 Gigabit/Second

Instrument incorporates the latest COTS technology to make a single robust system that is network aware while simultaneously recording analog, digital, and video data from hundreds of high speed channels for extended lengths of time.

Santa Barbara, CA (October 31, 2001) - R.C. Electronics Inc. is excited to announce the release of its newest series of Test Friendly Instrumentation Recorders: the DATAMAX II. Great for environmental, static, vibration, acoustic, sonar, and pyroshock tests, this versatile instrument combines the functionality of a digital recorder with video capture and graphical playback into a compact data acquisition system. With a data rate of 102.4 Mbits/sec, an analog bandwidth of 90 kHz, and available storage capacity ranging from 35 Gbytes to over 700 Gbytes in redundant RAID configurations, this instrument can continuously record 32 channels at a 200 kHz sample rate for 15 hours. This satisfies the needs of high- speed multi-channel applications where absolute integrity and accuracy are required without gaps or inter-channel phase delay. Signal capture is further enhanced by the simplicity of the DATAMAX II interface which continues the tradition of Test Friendly instrumentation; the interface includes a one- button, auto-set, instant capture that immediately displays any input signal regardless of the amplifier or gain setting. Once the data has been captured, the user can scroll through a data file in continuous graphic playback mode or selectively display areas of interest for detailed evaluation, data export for use by 3rd party analysis software, complex signal processing, graphing, or inclusion in user reports.

The Windows NT multi-tasking operating system of DATAMAX II allows new COTS technology to be incorporated easily into the recorder at minimal cost. Analog signal capture can now be integrated with video capture and 1553 digital data bus monitoring in a single instrument. Ethernet connectivity with shared file access in a Storage Area Network "SAN" configuration allows data monitoring from multiple network nodes for real time data analysis, read-after-write data verification and remote data archiving. Multiple-recorder synchronization allows the mix and match of various-sized portable and rack mount models for the simultaneous recording of up to 1680 channels.

To eliminate distortion and maximize signal integrity, DATAMAX II incorporates a complete analog front end, including programmable gain amplifiers, brickwall anti-aliasing filters, and simultaneous sampling with an individual Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) for each channel. This innovative approach eliminates multiplexing and guarantees precise time alignment across all channels by simultaneously clocking the ADCs. In addition, this built-in redundancy factor provides an added layer of dependability, so in the unlikely event that one ADC falters, neither the operation nor data integrity of the remaining channels will be affected.

Prices begin at $25,600 with normal delivery from stock to six weeks ARO depending on configuration.

For the past 20 years, R.C. Electronics has been providing high quality signal conditioning, data capture, and analysis hardware and software. The company's products are used for product development and testing in the military, aerospace, automotive, industrial and life science fields.

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