Instrument provides surveillance of gamma radiation.

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GammaTRACER combines GM based survey instrument and microprocessor-controlled data logger in an environmentally sealed package for unmanned monitoring. It is capable of recording up to 12,800 measurements based on user-selectable time periods ranging from 1 min to 2 hr. GammaTRACER measures dose rates from .0l mSv/hr to l0,000 mSv/hr. Data can be downloaded directly into a computer via 1182 IR transceiver.

Original Press Release:


The GammaTRACER is a unique concept for unmanned continuous surveillance of gamma radiation. The GammaTRACER is a combination of a GM based survey instrument and a microprocessor controlled data logger in a compact environmentally sealed package. The GammaTRACER is capable of recording up to 12,800 measurements based on time periods you select ranging from 1 minute to 2 hours. In order to fully implement the potential of
EEEunmanned monitoring the GammaTRACER is totally self contained with an extremely long life lithium battery and has a broad dynamic range letting you measure dose rates from .0lmSv/h to l0,000mSv/h.

With the GammaTRACER you get the easy deployment of environmental TLDs plus the increased sensitivity and time resolved data of much more expensive real time monitoring
systems. GammaTRACERs can be quickly deployed around evolving situations at locations that would not normally justify monitoring. Importantly you do not incur the manpower commitments implicit with manual measurements in potentially remote or hazardous locations. GammaTRACERS download data directly into a computer via the 1182 IR transceiver making it easy for you to trend and analyze the data with the GammaVIEW
program or quickly export data files into your choice of database or spreadsheet programs.

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