Instrument and Control Switches suit military applications.

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Series 24G Switches employ basic blade and terminal configuration that allows multiple contacts in same deck; single switch can have up to 10 decks (20 poles) and 8 positions. Switching action can be detent or spring-return, and angle of throw is 45°. Available with electrical ratings from 20 A to 500 V continuous to 0.4 A to 350 Vdc resistive, products have modular design and are shipped with mounting hardware for panels up to 3/16 in. thick.

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Instrument and Control Switches for Military Applications

WEYMOUTH, MA - Electroswitch Series 24G Instrument and Control Switches are designed to withstand the rigors of military applications. The basic blade and terminal configuration allows multiple contacts in the same deck, and a single switch can have up to 10 decks (20 poles) and 8 positions. Switching action can be detent or spring-return. Angle of throw is 45°. Waterproof mounts are available.

Series 24G switches are available with a choice of electrical ratings: 20A-500V (continuous), 20A-125VAC resistive (inductive), 10-250VAC resistive (inductive), 5A-500VAC resistive (inductive), and 0.4A-350VDC resistive (inductive). Rotors (movable contacts) are made of silver-overlay phosphor bronze, stators (stationary contacts) are silver-overlay copper, and spacers are glass-filled alkyd.

Two standard contact configurations are available. In the most common arrangement, used in all control switches and for any other applications requiring two or three positions, there are two separate and independent contacts in each deck. The second standard configuration is useful in tap, transfer, and selector switches for metering and other applications requiring three or more "ON" positions.

Modular design permits literally millions of custom configurations, but pre-configured, application-specific models available include a variety of Voltmeter Transfer Switches, Ammeter Transfer Switches, Wattmeter Transfer Switches, a Wattmeter Reversing Switch, a Power Factor Switch, a Synchronizing Switch, a Motor Control Switch, a Temperature Meter Transfer Switch, a Circuit Breaker Trip Switch, and Circuit Breaker Control Switches. Strap jumpers (silver-plated brass) are available for adjacent contacts, and wire-and-lug assemblies are available for same-deck or deck-to-deck jumpering. Nameplates can be standard, waterproof, target-style, or target-style with a pull-to-lock option, and can be engraved. Many models are available with a choice of handle styles: oval, round-knurled, or pistol-grip.

Ordered by catalog number, standard Series 24G switches are shipped with complete mounting hardware for panels up to 3/16" thick. Pre-wired switches with the most common circuits are stocked for immediate delivery.

Electroswitch is the industry leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of tough, reliable switches, relays, and other electrical systems products for utility, industrial, and military environments. The Electroswitch line of standard products is complemented by the company's proven ability and willingness to modify, custom design, and test their switches and relays for virtually any application. The company takes pride in meeting customer delivery requirements, no matter how stringent.

For more information or a catalog, contact Mr. William Conklin, National Sales Manager, Electroswitch, 180 King Avenue, Weymouth, MA 02188, TEL: (781) 335-5200, FAX: (781) 335-4253, E-mail:, Web:

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